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I Wish I Had More Time

My Clone Solution is an amazing team of Executive Assistants that are here to help the solopreneur and business owner delegate the tasks that do not directly generate revenue for their business!

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The My Clone Solution team is based in Tampa, Florida for all in office services. Virtually we can assist any client around the world. What tool is missing from your current business system?

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Business Tool Box

We can’t be all things to all people, but we can help you get there with our vast resources!
Increase your productivity, Improve your brand presence, Build the your company value, Network with the best and so much more!
We are Your “Swiss Army Knife” for Business!

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I Wish There Were Two of Me!”

In today’s world of endless must-do’s for your business it’s no wonder that business owners get overwhelmed by all the tasks. My Clone Solution is the answer to those daunting everyday lists that take you away from growing your business. With over 15 years of experience in office administration, project management, marketing executition and business development our skills are at your disposal.

What Don’t You Do?

We are a full service business concierge so we literally don’t do windows or other personal or home services. We also do not handle sales development or event promotion to our network. Using our services gives you time to do this portion yourself as you are the face and personality of your own business. My Clone Solution will help you develop all the tools and processes you need to sell and service your new found clients with your new found time.

Your Very Own Virtual Assistant


You can have the help of an assistant! Our team of Virtual Assistants are ready to help you with all of your computer based administrative  duties. From electronic filing, database maintenance, email design and scheduling, checking your email and more you can train your VA to do anything that you need done. With our 3 step training process we can help you create training documents that will allow you to never have to spend time training someone again.  Virtual Assistants start at $6 per hour and at that rate you can’t afford not to have one. Ask us how!

Productivity Suite

Could you use a bit more time in your work day? A faster option for doing the every day tasks? Let us help you find a solution to simplify your business practices.

Event Planning

Need help finding a venue for an event?
Want to concentrate on event sales rather than details?
Want to be an attendee at your event instead of a worker bee?

Branding & Design

Does your target client know what you stand for and who you are?
Are you looking to revise your brand?
Do you want your marketing materials to reflect your current brand?

Contact Management (CRM)

Do you want to automate your networking “homework”?
Automate your contact touchpoints to save you hours a month or increase your customer service rating.

A Sampling of Our Clients

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