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Keeping Your Customers…Just Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Getting new customers, having them choose YOU out of all the people out there, takes a lot of effort.  Kudos for not only finding your niche but learning how to sell it to the world.  Keeping the customers?   Now that is the real challenge! Loyalty sounds good in theory and you actually may have it with the customers who have been with you since you’ve framed your first dollar bill.  To the others that you have recently wooed and wowed you will need to show them over and over again why your services are needed, and more importantly, why they need those services from you and not some schmoe on Craigslist offering the same service at a fraction of the cost.  Mind your P’s and Q’s (as grandma was fond of saying) before your customers even realize that there are other options to consider. Priority:  You have many customers and all of them want something now.  It may take a lot of juggling, arranging and rearranging, but somehow each one of them need to feel they are your top priority.  Good thing for there are clones out there to help you when there are too many deadlines and only one of you. Perfection/Quality:   Somebody is paying you.  Somebody is paying you a LOT of money.  Make sure the service you are providing is top notch.  Sure mistakes happen, but in the early days of your business relationship you can’t afford even the smallest of errors. Positivity:   If the caller on the other end of the phone hears a heavy sigh while they are explaining what they need done, what...

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