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You’re Never Alone With A Clone

There are too many reasons why you need a clone … here are the top 30! A clone is an extension of who you are and what you do. A clone is totally separate from who you are and what you do. A clone can work magic. A clone can help you work YOUR magic. A clone works steadily and stealthily. A clone keeps all your “stuff” completely confidential. A clone doesn’t require vacation pay. A clone helps keeps your blood pressure down. A clone won’t call in sick. A clone never has a bad hair day… if a clone had a bad hair day you’d never know it! A clone lets you focus on your thing. A clone does what you don’t want to do. A clone doesn’t need a clothing allowance. A clone takes pride in its work. A clone has a can-do attitude all the time. A clone helps you get caught up. A clone keeps you caught up. A clone doesn’t collect Unemployment when you are totally caught up. A clone values your business. A clone doesn’t need that Christmas ham. A clone is like a shadow…there but not really… A clone will make you a rock star. A clone really is your Swiss Army Knife for business. A clone is at your beck and call. A clone can work when you can’t. A clone avoids office gossip and drama. A clone commands perfection. A clone won’t be on Facebook or randomly browsing the internet on your time and dime. A clone is faithful. You’re never alone with a...

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