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Bankers Hours… (It’s 5:00 Somewhere!)

9 to 5… “Banker’s hours” they used to call it, but ask any banker the last time they worked banker’s hours and they would probably laugh.  Technology and the internet have given us flexibility and versatility, we can share files with ourselves and we can work anywhere and anytime we want.  No longer are we trapped in an office or cubicle, for this is a new era for the business world, and we have the luxury of Skyping with associates in Hong Kong in our Scooby-Doo pajama pants if we’d like to.  Isn’t it wonderful?   While we are learning to work smarter, not harder, we need to remind ourselves, and often, that we don’t always need to be powered up. Iphones, Ipads, text messages, instant messages, just a few of our wonderful techy toys and features which allows everybody to contact us instantly and constantly.   These nonstop connections aren’t even interruptions or irritants anymore.  We welcome them, look for them, initiate them when they aren’t there.  Even our fashion accessories do more than just glam up our look…we forego that gorgeous little amethyst bracelet and instead favor our Apple watch so we can check our emails from our wrist.  That trip to Wells Fargo is unnecessary.  No need to go to the bank, step out for a breath of fresh air and unwind for a few minutes, not when we can make a deposit from our cell phone. Life is lived in the future second hand, a sporting event, child’s recital and the long-awaited Cher concert (yet another farewell tour), all seen initially through the small square glass panel...

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