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Things Are Perfect, Well Sort of….So Why Are You Job Hunting Again?

Things Are Perfect, Well Sort of….So Why Are You Job Hunting Again?

Uh-oh, there you go again… the two columns with “pros” on one side and “cons” on the other.  Before you get overly absorbed into that page of truth and tell all, perhaps it’s also time to make a different and separate list for your own self-discovery.  If it makes you feel better, go on and finish the other one first, the one you are comfortable with and could do in your sleep.  Hmmmm pros… “great team to work with, awesome benefits, pay is pretty good…” and of course the typical con side, “too much stress, little free time, not enough autonomy.”   Sound familiar?   It should.  Job after job after job it’s always the same things that you love, the same things that you hate.  The pen comes out about every two years to do the whole pros/cons thing…or maybe it’s done on the computer or Ipad (because it is, after all, 2016). Now let’s work on your self-discovery list.  Rest assured, this will not be as easy.  Forget the columns, the numbered lists and bullet points.  These are quickie questions that won’t require any tabulations.  You already know what thrills and what kills with every place you have ever been employed.  Ask yourself these simple questions and see if you can figure YOU out. Is it boredom that sets you on a quest for a new venture? Are you craving more excitement that you’re not getting currently? Do you get in a rut easily? Do you find yourself always thinking that you could do a better job managing the company or other employees? Are you the go-to person for...
TO THE BOSS:  12 Daunting Statements That Your Employees Are Afraid to Say to Your Face

TO THE BOSS: 12 Daunting Statements That Your Employees Are Afraid to Say to Your Face

Being the boss has its perks. Usually you have a good parking space, you can set hour own hours (which basically means that although you are ALWAYS working no one is tracking how long your lunch is, etc.), and you have a position of authority and purpose. Before you go feeling too smug and comfy, grab yourself a cup of coffee, kick back, and prepare yourself… You are the boss, and there are things you need to know. This isn’t about time management and sales goals for the upcoming year. NOPE — this one is about you. If you are sharp, you are cognizant of the invisible wall which separates you from the rest of the staff. There are jokes you won’t be in on, certain things that you won’t understand, and a lot of words which will be left unsaid. It is time for you to hear those words. This is not a comprehensive list, and not all will apply to you. If the shoe doesn’t fit, pat yourself on the back and move on. Check yourself as you read these, and try not to be oversensitive to the ones that do apply. 1) “Your breath smells…and you have body odor”. YIKES. We can’t say this one easily to a co-worker (maybe we can hint and hand them a breath mint), but it definitely won’t be shared with the boss. Did you have sushi and catfish for lunch? Did you catch a whiff of yourself as you’ve been stressed out, nervous and sweating up a storm? If you smell it guaranteed they do too. You’ve got a big...

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