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Get ‘Er Done!  7 Daily Productivity Tips For Business Owners

Get ‘Er Done! 7 Daily Productivity Tips For Business Owners

The snow banks in Boston aren’t the only things piling up.  When you can’t seem to get things done, when you’re running out of surface space on your desk to work, it’s time to realize that you are getting in your own way.   Are you stuck?  You don’t have to be!   There are sure fire things you can do to get yourself unstuck and keep the momentum going. CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DAY: Do you wake up grouchy, tired, dreading a picky customer you are meeting with that day?   If you start your day with negative undertones you are setting yourself up for personal disaster.  And remember, you are at the helm.  You set the tone at the office and if you’re stressed, unhappy, and unmotivated don’t be surprised if there is a trickle-down effect.  If you’re typically not a morning person, find a way to become one or at least find a way to look and act the part.  Surprisingly enough, you will find yourself actually feeling better.  This will help you handle those tasks you don’t like or want to get out of the way.  You’ll also be setting a good example for those who work with and for you. PRIORITIZE YOUR WORK: Put the unpleasant tasks in a pile and do them first, if possible.  If some of them are too overwhelming, grab some coffee or do something you really like to do in between to break things up.  It makes sense to tackle the things you don’t want to do and get them out of the way.  Then you have the...
Take Me to Your Leader… Oh Wait, That’s Me! 9 Steps to Building Your Dream Team

Take Me to Your Leader… Oh Wait, That’s Me! 9 Steps to Building Your Dream Team

You can buy your team pizza and bring in large lattes from Starbucks to distribute, but unless you are an effective leader and manager these little niceties are a waste of your time and dollars.  This will not make them a better support staff for your business.  This unique and interesting group of individuals who make up your team needs to support each other and, even if they don’t always like each other, have a mutual respect with common goals…goals that you as their manager should have ingrained into them since the day they joined your company. It is necessary to learn the right managerial techniques that are going to motivate your employees.  If you are their leader and haven’t really done enough to make this a nice cohesive unit, a well oiled machine, it’s not too late to implement changes that will morph your good company into a great company, or a mediocre staff into the best dream team ever!  Here are some tips to help: Don’t assume that everybody is motivated by the same thing.  For some it is simply money alone, but for many they are looking for a sense of purpose, or finding that niche to use their skill set.  Hone in on this for each individual while also making your expectations clear. Respect the differences of your staff.  If you have hired a diverse group of individuals, realize that they can get along with each other without being best buddies.  Celebrate their unique attributes and what each person individually brings to the table.  Your managerial style may differ from person to person, and that’s...

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