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Welcome to in the Trenches MBA! What if you could send a follow-up email “AutoMagically” before leaving the meeting or event?

This is our “What if” series, dedicated to what you don’t know and how it can help your business.

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What if… You Could send A Follow Up Email ” AutoMagically ”
Before leaving the Meeting or Event?

Well it’s Possible (0:32)
Automation is amazing for your time energy and repetitive tasks.

Need to Know How?

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Automation Recipe
Step: 1 Card Scanner App… Recommendation Full Contact (1:25)
- Full Contact is Hand Transcribed, not scanner Read.
More accurate makes automation more “automagic”

Step 2: Card Scanner App… Connects to Zapier (1:44)
- Zapier is the bridge between cloud-based apps like Full Contact and Gmail

Step 3: Connects Zapier to Gmail (1:53)
- Once you complete the Zapier Recipe you will have everything done to test the recipe

Thins to Remember when automating with this recipe…(2:22)
• No dates or times unless merged…
• if it’s not on the business card forget it.
• Always merge names for personal touch maybe even company
• Keep your verbiage generally specific so it works in all situations
• Write like you want to be written to
• When in doubt copy others or get hep from the pros.

Get Fancy (4:42)
Integrate A Scheduler Link into Your Verbiage…
” I can’t wait to catch up with you again soon. Get on my calendar here and don’t waste all your time going back and forth with email. ”
Setup a Second Zap to Put that Person in your CRM too…
no more double Entry

Have a Follow-Up Process or Mailing List Service…()
It takes 9-12 touchpoints to get someone to consider buying from you and most people are not really the day they meet you. Consider a drip marketing campaign or a monthly matter. Yes, this can be automated too.

if you can dream it there is a way!
Plan the Process then Implement the process

It’s Possible… you see it every day and don’t even Know!

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