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delegation-2“The mind-set needs to be that your value is in the what, the vision — and not the how, the tactical. If it’s not vision, you need not be doing it. If you wait until you feel like letting go, it will never happen. It is behavior first and then attitude, not vice versa.” says Leslie Ungar, president of Electric Impulse Communications.

The biggest complaint we hear from business owners is that they do not have enough time to do their bookwork, invoicing, emails and even lead follow-up. How are you supposed to get new clients and service them to the best of your ability without a system in place. Are you struggling with the ability to grow your business and make more money because you don’t have any help or you don’t know how to teach someone the thoughts in your head? All business owners must learn how to delegate and manage so they can grow their business exponentially and be successful. Our theory at My Clone Solution is that you can’t be amazing at everything (it’s just not possible); use this to your advantage find people that are amazing at what they do and use them to do the things that you are not amazing at. It will save you time and money and includes tax breaks!

Need an example?… Here you go!
You are a service business that charges clients $100 per hour for your service. Balancing your checkbooks, writing checks, paying bills, collecting on receivables, doing quarterly taxes and other related services takes you 10 hours per month to complete to the best of your ability. You just paid yourself $1000 to do that work… right? How much would this cost you if hired a professional bookkeeper to do these tasks for you and even give you instruction on the stuff you must do as a business owner? You can get all of this for on average $350 to $750 per month depending on the amount of transactions you have. AND… They are professionals and can be held responsible for those tasks in the event of an audit. 

f62603ca-fc5d-11e1-bc3e-8c3d6b66f5ae_delegate646The My Clone Solution Productivity Suite process is designed exclusively for our team to help you as a small business owner get a handle on all the tasks that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. This system involves some intense work up front, but will allow you to follow a process, make the administrative portion of your business duplicatable.

Step two of this process is to help you find someone to delegate to, and intern, a virtual assistant or a full time office manager depending on your needs. We are here to help you in all areas of delegation. Our productivity process helps you also manage turn over without taking 3 weeks out of your life to train a new person each and every time. If you continue using the process it only has to be updated with you not changed each time. delegating-tasks-and-time-management

What does this mean for you????
My Clone Solution has been working with company processes for many years and the problem of not having any time to get your work done can be solved with a little bit of hard work. The future will be brighter and less stressful when you have some help and a process that can stand the test of time. See our packages below, visit one of our introductory workshops or have a one on one meeting to see how we can save you hours a month and increase your productivity and time management.  

Productivity Suite Process

(Your Tasks to Delegate Tasks )
  • We start with our workbook that helps you and I get on the same page with all your tasks.
  • Step 2 is a discovery session where you and I work through the tasks to decide which tasks can be delegated to someone else.
  • Step 3 is a worksheet on the tools and training you need to make all the delegatable tasks duplicable.
  • You can then do it yourself or move forward with our next step.
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Make Me Duplicatable

$75 /per hour
  • Pricing is based on the amount of tasks that need to be documented.
  • When these tasks are complete you will have an email address, calendar and task list with documented training on each task for your new assistant or intern. You will also know how to make future task additions or changes so you can choose whether you want to call us back or do it yourself.
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