Growing Your Business?
Scaling Your Business?
Have A Project & Don’t Know Where To Start?
Want To Work Less Or Be More Efficient?
Need A Team But Not Sure What’s Possible?

We are a business implementation team that helps business owners, like you, build an efficient, productive, scalable business that could run without you!

Consider Us Your Construction Team For Building Your Dream Business!


Ready To Learn What This Could Mean In Your Business?

You’ve built your business brick-by-brick


In order to build it bigger, stronger, and faster – you need people and tools to continue to grow.

What may have started as a one-person business is now pulling you in too many different directions.

Imagine your business as your first apartment or college dorm room – it was just the right size at the time. And now – you’ve got a family with 4 kids and your in-laws are moving in! It’s time for some experts who can help you expand quickly and confidently so you can focus on what you need to be doing.

Think of My Clone Solution as your “business construction team”. We have everyone and everything you need to build a strong business:

Architect and General Contractor – aka Implementation Coach and Strategic Planner – to determine what needs to be designed, planned, and constructed.

Trusted Foremen/Forewomen – our Project Managers – who provide onsite support for you and your staff

Construction Team – the 24/7 skilled staff who do the actual work such as Graphic Design, Web Design, Bookkeeping, Automation, CRM Building, Data Management, Funnel Building, Process Implementation, Project Management, Event Management, Association Management, Social Media Copywriting, Email Copywriting, Accountability, and more.

The Subs – our speciality companies that do high-level work on certain projects. These include App Builders, SEO, Technical Copywriting, Sales, Conversion Copywriting, Programming & Development, Coaches in Specialties like Sales and Speaking, Accountants, Enrolled Agents, and more.


Customized Solutions Built Just For You

Every business deserves unique solutions to meet their current and future needs.

Help Me

Broken or Missing Parts

If you’ve just been getting by or doing without certain essentials – Bookkeeping, Automation, Graphic/Web Design, CRM Building, Data Management, Funnel Building, Process Implementation, Project Management, Social Media Copywriting, Email Copywriting, to name a few – My Clone Solution will fix or implement those for you.

Yes, There Will Be Messy Areas

We’re being honest. It may get a little messy and dirty as we clear out the old and start fresh with new materials, team members, training, and tech tools. Don’t worry! We’ve got a plan and a clean-up crew to keep the storefront clean while the expansion happens behind the scenes.

Rebuild or New Build

Some businesses have good bones in place and we can improve and add on to the existing structures. Other businesses may be so new they need a new set of blueprints and tools to get going. Our business construction team excels in all areas.

Success! Your Business is Better Than Before

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Your expectations have been met and exceeded. Your stress and sleepless nights over your business growth have been hauled away to the dumpster.

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Next Steps – Building Your Dream Business Starts With A 22-Minute Call


Start with telling is where you are at and what emergency got you here. Once your emergency is taken care of then we can help you plan to mitigate business emergencies.

Step 1
Step 1

22 Minute "Ask Anything" Call

This is our opportunity to get to know each other and decide if we want to work together.

Step 2
Step 2

Blueprinting Call

Our version of a discovery call, this meeting is all about you and what you are have going on right now. This includes your current team, software, products, and process. 

Once we know where you are we can talk about your goals then as your architect I start connecting the dots between where you are and where you want to be! 

Step 3
Step 3

Building Scope

Now that we have a blueprint we can move forward with a scope of work, budget, and timeline. 

We work as fast as your budget will allow. We need your participation in this process too. After all you wouldn’t let a contractor choose all the paint colors, right? 

When you are ready to build your efficient, scalable and sellable business we break ground with you!

Step 4
Step 4

The Build

The MCS team works with you, your team (if you have a team), your service providers, your coaches, our team, and our specialists if needed. 

We are your project managers and we fill in all the jobs that you need to accomplish the goals of the scope. 

The building phase for some business is a couple weeks others are years. This is all determined by your company, your goals, and your availability. 

100% Custom Build!

Step 5
Step 5

Training & Implementation

When your build is complete you must actually use it and follow your custom systems and processes. 

We will walk you (and your team) through all the pieces they need to do their jobs and run your business efficiently. 

We are also on hand for support and most of our clients are ready for the next thing at this point because they now have time to think about more!