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Build Your Amazing Clone Army Now!

We Help You

Build Your Amazing Clone Army!

you are a superhero

and we are your trusted SIDEKICK

When it comes to your business, you’re it’s superhero. You know what keeps it running and you know what your customers needs. Chances are you’re pretty good at giving your customers exactly what they need and understand what needs to get to done and when. The only problem is this it’s a tall order for one person to execute perfectly. And even when there is a team of people, it’s possible that some things get overlooked. When things get overlooked, customers lose.

Now what if you had a team completely dedicated to the success of your business?  A team capable of performing a full analysis on your business operations and providing you with exactly what you needed to succeed? Whether it be a course built to give your clients more access to you, a years worth of marketing automation or a new sales funnel for that big product launch, the team of project managers at My Clone Solution are here to be your sidekick.

business owners ask us…

So What Do you Do?

Automation [Plan & Implement]

Is marketing or writing emails a big part of your week? It doesn’t have to be when you automate it

Delegation [Plan & Implement]

Do you know how much your time is worth? How much is it costing your business when you choose not to delegate?

Business Optimization Too...

A good product isn’t always enough to keep a business going. A strong system goes a long way.

Business Education...

You don’t know what you don’t know. Come learn from a variety of the industries best

Course & Funnel Building...

Have expert knowledge that you want to sell? Let’s build a course together!

And All The Other "Stuff" You Hate

We have specialists in all areas of business. Our specialists are all managed by your assigned project manager. We also have partners that work with us to serve our clients so you are never alone with a clone.

Stand for something



My Clone Solution is built on integrity where we always put people in front of profits. You can count on us to never give you the run around when it comes to your business.


There’s much to be said about knowing what you’re doing. Being equiped with the right know how makes all the difference in a job done right and failed project costing your business thousands


We pride ourselves in assembling the best team to meet all your needs. If someone in our inner cirlce can’t get the job done, we’re not afraid to bring in an outside clone for you.

Happy Clients

Team Members

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to get the BEST offers and deals!


enroll now

to get the BEST offers and deals!

Happy Clients

Add Yourself To The LIST

Before I met Brook with My Clone Solutions I was spending way too much time doing things that weren’t worth my time. Brook showed me how to work with a Virtual Assistant and it was amazing how much of a load off it was for my business. Now, my first reaction when I’m going to start something new is, “should I do this myself, or outsource it?” .

Nick Snapp

CEO, Snappier.co

Brook has helped me streamline my business by taking care of some of the tech that…sure I could learn to do…but don’t have the time or inclination. She’s quick, thorough and never laughs at my ignorance of the technology. She’s saved me. And she’s fun too! Highly recommend her for what you need to get your business running smoother!

Kathy Gruver, PhD

CEO, Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning Author, Guest Expert


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