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When it comes to your business, you’re its superhero. You know what keeps it running and you know what your customers need. Chances are you’re pretty good at giving your customers exactly what they need and understand what needs to get done and when. The only problem is that it’s a tall order for one person to execute perfectly, and even when you have a team of people, it’s possible that some things get overlooked. When things get overlooked, customers lose – you may lose your customers.

Now what if you had a team completely dedicated to the success of your business?  A team capable of performing a full analysis of your business operations and providing you with exactly what you needed to succeed? Whether it be a course built to give your clients more access to you, a year’s worth of marketing automation or a new sales funnel for that big product launch, the team of project managers at My Clone Solution are here to be your sidekick.

Is overwhelm a constant problem? 

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So What Do You Do?

business owners ask us…

Automation [Plan & Implement]

Is marketing or writing emails a big part of your week? It doesn’t have to be when you automate it

Delegation [Plan & Implement]

Do you know how much your time is worth? How much is it costing your business when you choose not to delegate?

Business Optimization Too...

A good product isn’t always enough to keep a business going. A strong system goes a long way.

Business Education...

You don’t know what you don’t know. Come learn from a variety of the industries best

Course & Funnel Building...

Have expert knowledge that you want to sell? Let’s build a course together!

And All The Other "Stuff" You Hate

We have specialists in all areas of business. Our specialists are all managed by your assigned project manager. You also get access to out partners that work with us to serve our clients, so you are never alone with a clone.

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Our Vision

WHY we do this…

It is our mission to elevate the support professional so those of us that truly enjoy supporting wide eyed entrepreneurs can be happy with our work. We support those we serve and aim to become a valued member of your company and share in it’s success.

Our goal is to help our small business owners realize their dream of what their business can become. Success means trusting the support of a team that truly cares about them and the business.

NONE of us are meant to take this journey alone, however so many believe that they must because of external factors that limit their ability to grow.

I personally will never be the one to tell you that money doesn’t matter or that you NEED to change the way you spend your time. However, I will open your eyes to the possibilities of automation and customer service. Our hope is that the fog will lift and you will be ready to lead a team that will always have your back if you have theirs.

This is a mission that takes amazing support professionals and amazing entrepreneurs to grow in a world where “corporate departments” are made up of seperate companies working together.


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Happy Clients

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Happy Automation Client

I’ve been working with a client on automation of their business and sales funnels. He said (in reference to one of his staff members), “How come she gets the training wheels and I get the motorcycle?” We all laughed at him. I said, “Because her project is on our current scope of work and on a deadline. Yours, my dear, is not. You have to wait in line. You may be the boss, but you set the schedule.” Days like this are what I do this for!

Happy Automation Client
Beverly Thatcher

I love the way Brook thinks. Very structured, systematic and strategic! Discussions were relative to my business. To top it off Brook is fun and relatable.

Beverly Thatcher
Cathy Walters Miclat*

Brook assists our organization – helping us optimize our way of doing business and how we reach and interact with our clients. Often, the work we must do together seems ‘overwhelming,’ yet EVERY time I speak with Brook she sets me at ease, and I become calm and focused. She is so good at explaining what is required, and definitely takes control and walks me through whatever process in the most effective way. I love working with Brook and am sure we will do so for a long time into the future!

Career Services Director
Jenna Zaffino

You’re a Funnel Angel! Thank you.

Jenna Zaffino
Tom Binder

My Clone Solution has the skills to automate our business with systems and tools that can be easily implemented.

Tom Binder
Happy Funnels Client

People are responding to automation like I’m sending the emails – I feel like an evil genius.

Happy Funnels Client
Ryan Gautier

I was hired to shoot some professional photos of an event for The DoubleTree and Brook was my contact for the event. She was nothing short of brilliant. She provided me with ALL the necessary information weeks ahead of time, constantly kept me in the loop if anything changed and was amazing to work with. Her upbeat attitude and professionalism was a joy to work with. Brook made my job extremely easy and in return, the client was thrilled with the finished product. I owe a lot to Brook for the help and making me look great for my client. I highly recommend Brook and her professional attitude to anyone and everyone.

Ryan Gautier
Branding & Corporate Photographer | Commercial Photographer | Ryan G Photo
My Clone Client

Had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Borup this week. She is the personification of pure professionalism. Sharing a brief overview of her past accomplishments – she provided the foundation for a business relationship of trust in her abilities. The assortment of ideas she presented gave me the opportunity to explore my present business operations and question some of my so-so comfort level strategies. Moving forward I feel this is the beginning of something that I haven’t been able to clearly express in words, however, now the formation is starting. Best business meeting this year!

My Clone Client
Deb Fry

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Brook for TBBO’s “Christmas in July” last month at the T. Pepin Hospitality Centre. Her planning and organizational skills were superb and verified by positive comments from both vendors and guests who look forward to being a part of next year’s event.

Deb Fry
Ellen Atkins

 thesuburbanmonk I love how this sentence makes me feel. I know it’s true, ESPECIALLY now because I have someone named Brook. My husband is so tired of hearing about her, but I made a deal. I can do one Brook a day. Finally, someone to run my business, so that I can do what I am good at and passionate about. I really love my life.

Ellen Atkins