4 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Business

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Stay hungry.

One of the most important points for business owners and executives to keep your edge and stay on top of your business. We all know what happens when we get full or over-eat. We get lethargic. We get sleepy. We want to lay down and take a nap. When we stay hungry, we stay innovative and fresh. Staying hungry mean we are always on the hunt, looking across the competitive landscape for ways to catch that next advantage or shore up any weakness which might prohibit us from moving forward.

People don’t leave companies, they leave leaders.

Human beings create connections with other human beings. What are you doing to always improve your leadership and create connections with your people? The company will not create that connection, but you can.

What are 3 things things you can do this week to strengthen that connection? Affirm them on a job well done. Perhaps you could coach them and help them grow. Maybe you could provide a more clear, career path. The primary point is for you to always be growing in your leadership capacity to create more upside in your company by growing your people.

Execution is more important than the idea.

Leaders often get too excited over ideas and not excited enough about execution. Ideas do not work, you have to work ideas. Try to firmly place this in your thinking.

Remind yourself that mediocre execution is better than no execution at all. Great thoughts and ideas die on the vine in your organization because we don’t have enough focus, energy and patience to see our select and very few ideas launched and executed. Progress is better than perfection. Get rid of all the excuses.

Your revenue is the true measure of the value you add.

Often, I see and hear organizational leaders talking up the value they are adding, but when we look at the top line, it isn’t growing. Sales always follows value. People do not buy products and services, they buy value and results. If you are truly adding real value, then sales should be growing.

If you want to grow your sales, you must grow your value. How can you go beyond the standard expectations of your customers by at least a factor of 10X when they enagage your company or use your product or service?

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