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“I want people to get to know me, because I want to get to know them.”

– Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

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We put out small business owner content each and every day. Our goal is to help our clients and the business owner community to move the needle forward a bit each and every day. If you clicked to this page from social media please choose one of the following categories or search the blog for the topic that piqued your interest.

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GSD Members are DIY business owners that really just want some occasional help, an accountability partner, someone to bounce ideas off of and a team to really get stuff done in your business. If you are a business owner looking to make changes and have them not take over your life check out GSD and all it has to offer you and your business.

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I'm A DIY Business Owner... Can I Get Help?

As a DO IT YOURSELF business owner your first inclination is how can I save money by doing it myself. Right?

This is 90% of small business owners. We totally get it and while our business is based on service we started the same way. The only difference is we are armed with the knowledge most were never taught.

You can stay a DIY business owner and should you want to take advantage of the knowledge we have we offer that. If you just want someone to listen while you talk about your challenges we can do that as well.

Our GSD Membership program is just for you.

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Top Talent JV Mastermind Registration

I see what’s working and you should be doing this too.  I’m seeing people do masterminding and joint venturing in both large and small groups alike.  One of my friends (David Fagan) is doing something especially effective with his Top Talent JV Mastermind.  

It’s a 3-day summit that consists of a series of…

  1. 3-5 min individual spotlights
  2. 10-15 min master classes
  3. 30-60 min masterminding sessions.  

You get to be a part of… 

  • larger sessions where everyone will be together listening and learning from real-world changers, philanthropists, best-selling authors, thought leaders, content creators, and moneymakers.  
  • breakout mastermind groups where you will have a turn to introduce yourself, talk about your solutions, discuss your challenges, and get help as well as give help.

*Bottom line, this JV Mastermind is a great way for you to find more people to do business with!

You can get all the info you can handle for the Top Talent JV Mastermind at www.TopTalentJV.com.  Even more event enhancements will be rolling out in the coming weeks that include:

  1. Think Tank Topics for Main Mastermind Sessions
  2. Successes and Setbacks Topics for Breakout Mastermind Sessions
  3. Give, Serve and Share Checklists to Make Collaborating Faster, Easier, and more Meaningful
  4. And there are some new surprise Influencers participating you’d otherwise never be able to mastermind within a small group breakout session like this before!

It’s July 13th-15th 8 am PST-1pm PST on Zoom 

At the Top Talent JV Mastermind you will…

  1. Collaborate with other Experts and Influencers
  2. Create Profitable Joint Ventures
  3. Build Referral Friend Programs
  4. Gain Access to the Affluent
  5. Connect with Show Hosts and Event Producers

*And it’s FREE to you as my guest.  This is a “Referral Only” event.  I’m your referral.

It’s all on the registration webpage (www.TopTalentJV.com) including the answers to all of these FAQ’s:

  1. Question: What do you mean by referral only?
  2. Question: Is there any cost?
  3. Question: Do I have to attend the whole event?
  4. Question: Will people be pitching products and services?
  5. Question: What kinds of trainings are provided in the main sessions?
  6. Question: Will this be recorded?
  7. Question: How long are the breaks?
  8. Question: How does the tech work or how do I participate in all of this online?
  9. Question: How many people attend the main event and the individual mastermind groups?
  10. Question: What exactly goes on in the mastermind groups?
  11. Question:  What if I want to speak to the whole group or want to be a mastermind group leader?

You can also attend a JV Mastermind Prep call on zoom every week where David will explain the value to prospective attendees looking to learn more about the summit.  These calls will also be recorded and sent out as well.

Here is the site for registration again: www.TopTalentJV.com

Sign up because there is a lot more info coming that you will see the easiest and fastest because you registered.  We already have close to a hundred people registered most of which came from the success of the last JV Mastermind event just a week ago!

As good as that was, I know David will make it even better.  I know I’m going to be a big part of it.

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