Artapreneurs Summit Interview – Mastering Marketing: The Key to Startup Success – April 18,2020

🎙 Brook Borup recently had the honor of being interviewed during the Artapreneurs Summit, where she shared insightful perspectives that promise to inspire and empower. 🚀

In this engaging episode, Brook explored the intriguing intersection of entrepreneurship and art, touching upon subjects that hold significance for aspiring and seasoned business owners alike. The discussion ventured into the art of marketing, the strategic wisdom behind crafting an ideal customer avatar, and the transformative impact of delegation in elevating a business.

Throughout the interview, Brook imparted valuable insights on the power of collaboration, the importance of precise role definitions, and the fundamental pillars for constructing a robust foundation capable of facilitating scalability and sustainable growth. As a bonus, listeners gained access to an exclusive community that not only champions diversity but also offers a treasure trove of invaluable resources for entrepreneurs.

Join Brook on this captivating journey as she unravels the art of entrepreneurship, unveiling the secrets not just to surviving but thriving in the ever-evolving landscape of business.

Here are the Official show notes, Enjoy!

[00:01:03]Brook Borup‘s career journey, transitioning from corporate roles to becoming a problem-solving entrepreneur. The process took two years, during which she developed her vision and conducted focus groups to assess interest.
[00:04:46] – Reflection on the satisfaction of utilizing her skills to generate income while pursuing her passion. Acknowledgment of new challenges, including the need to manage staff payments before personal income.
[00:07:28] – Introduction to the GSD program (Get Stuff Done), designed to assist business owners through monthly Zoom calls, providing support and addressing questions.
[00:12:56] – Emphasis on inclusivity within growing groups, regardless of personality types or communication styles. A focus on mutual support in achieving financial and societal betterment.
[00:14:21] – Acknowledgment of the ever-evolving and often bewildering nature of technology, particularly in the digital marketing sphere. Encouragement to balance old and new methods effectively.
[00:18:45] – Importance of marketing in startup success, with a recommendation to create an adaptable customer avatar aligned with business objectives.
[00:23:02] – Strategies for gaining visibility in the market, including grassroots efforts, teaching engagements, charitable contributions, and participation in local events.
[00:23:54] – Insights into the challenges and rewards of starting at fairs and festivals, highlighting the potential for success through niche expertise and unique offerings.
[00:29:16] – The significance of trust in building a strong business team.
[00:31:11] – Recommendations for maximizing productivity, protecting online accounts, and understanding client expectations. Advocacy for cautious decision-making and the use of tools like LastPass for account security.
[00:35:34] – The crucial role of processes in the efficient completion of commissioned work and obtaining assistance. Historical parallels are drawn to sales strategies discussed by Brian Tracy.
[00:37:58] – Prioritization of stability and self-care before expanding and hiring additional staff. Insights on evaluating daily tasks and identifying activities that can be delegated to create future job descriptions.
[00:41:18] – A focus on problem-solving and creating desired emotional responses when selling products or services.
[00:46:03] – Details about the GSD program‘s cost ($47/month) and its offerings, including surprise freebies and personalized business support.
[00:46:48] – Gratitude expressed for generosity and participation in the conversation.

Questions Answered in this Episode

1. How does marketing play a crucial role in the success of a startup? What are some effective marketing strategies for attracting customers?
2. Why is it important to create an avatar of your ideal customer? How can this avatar be adjusted and modified over time?
3. How can business owners effectively communicate and engage with their target customers?
4. The speaker emphasizes the importance of collaboration. How can involving others in your business activities benefit your overall success?
5. Why is it important to clearly define roles and responsibilities within your team or organization? How does this contribute to a strong foundation for growth and scalability?
6. Many business owners struggle with establishing a clear structure for their business. Why is having a structured framework essential for growth and scalability?
7. What are some practical ways to find the time and desire to grow your business, especially when you’re already busy?
8. The speaker encourages prioritizing self-care before hiring someone. Why is self-care crucial for business owners, and how does it impact the overall success of their ventures?
9. How can business owners effectively identify tasks that can be delegated and create job descriptions for future hiring?
10. The speaker highlights the growth and inclusivity of their support group. How can being part of a community like this benefit entrepreneurs and artists in their business ventures?

Key Topics

Importance of Marketing and Avatar Creation
• Marketing generates revenue and is crucial for startup success
• Creating an avatar of the ideal customer is important
• The avatar is not fixed and can be modified

Communication and Collaboration
• Importance of communicating with target customers
• Collaboration and involving others in business activities

Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibilities
• Establishing a strong foundation by defining roles and responsibilities
• Many business owners lack a clearly defined structure, but it is crucial for growth and scalability

Delegation and Time Management
• Importance of delegating tasks and prioritizing self-care
• Identifying tasks that consume the most time for future hiring
• The moment of realization regarding the value of delegating tasks

Involvement in Groups and Support
• Growing and attracting more people to groups
• Participation via email and comments for those who don’t feel comfortable speaking up
• The purpose of the group is to support individuals in their business ventures and make the world a better place

Starting a Business at Festivals/Trade Shows
• Starting businesses at fairs, festivals, and trade shows
• Necessity of time, money investment, and finding your niche
• Sponsorship packages and understanding of expected attendance and demographics

Time Management and Commissioned Pieces
• Time management when working on commissioned pieces
• Outlining process for sales, customer service, and loyalty

Current Trends and Technology
• Current trends in business and similarities to past practices
• Technology challenges and the need for old-school methods alongside new technology
• Overwhelming and frustrating nature of technology

Client Relations and Decision-Making
• Clients join because of added value for the same price
• Speaker’s involvement in clients’ business
• Advising careful decision-making and avoiding rushing into choices
• Recommending the LastPass tool for personal account protection

Speaker’s Background and Business Journey
• Background in administrative, sales, and customer service positions
• Decision to leave corporate America and start own business
• 2 years of conceiving business ideas and conducting focus groups
• Starting the company on January 1, 2014
• First client acquisition and sustaining the business
• Current clientele and worldwide team working across 9 time zones
• Speaker’s passion for bringing entrepreneurs, business owners, and artists together for support and help

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