All the Crap that You Didn’t Know Was Part of the Gig when you Started a Business, With Brook Borup

All the Crap that You Didn’t Know Was Part of the Gig when you Started a Business, With Brook Borup

How do you stop drowning in meetings, emails and other parts of your business that sap your energy and strength? How do you know what to delegate, and how to do it properly?

The power of delegation in business cannot be underestimated. It is time to let go of old processes and ideas that are killing your business.

Joining Adam this week is Brook Borup, who is the CEO of My Clone Solution and creator of “In the Trenches MBA” on Youtube.

In this call, you will learn:
  • Why is delegation so important for any business owner?
  • How does a business owner choose the right tools to be successful for your business?
  • How can you get admin help on a small business budget?
  • How do you learn to delegate?
  • How do you know what to delegate?

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Brook Borup is a process architect who loves to uncover the superpower in others. Her goal is to help them succeed. Brook breaks down the system she uses to help her clients automate, delegate, and eliminate tasks so their business run more efficiently and smoothly.


Have you ever had a job that you loved and hated at the same time? After 15 years working in hotel and restaurant management, our next guest, Brook Borup, fired corporate America to set a path to elevate small businesses to a new normal.

Some solopreneurs are set in their ways with no end in sight, but those that want to enjoy a life beyond their business are clamoring to find a better way to DO business. The answer is being more productive with automation to EVOLVE to corporate level delegation.

Brook Borup is your Small Business Process Architect and Owner of My Clone Solution.

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Are you tired of doing mundane tasks? What if you had a way to automate tasks to make your job easier and increase your sales? Today’s guest is Brook Borup and she shares with us some ways to automate some of the mundane tasks in your business or your life in general, to make your life much easier and achieve success faster.

Brook is the owner of My Clone Solution, a company that helps business professionals and business owners learn to automate and delegate certain tasks so they can focus more on business development.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Brook:

Strategies for Getting Away with Mundane Tasks:

  1. Process before Login

Make sure the first thing you do is have a plan. Have written down processes for your sales plan or projects. Then you can look at that plan and figure out which pieces of the plan you can automate.

  1. Figure out where your targets are going to come from.

Figure out how you’re going to get your list or how you’re going to contact people (email, phone, in-person). Where are these people coming from? Start with that question and work all the way through your sales process.

  1. Automate your voicemail system.

Try using voice mail as your first touch point but use a system that automatically puts that voicemail in for you so you’re not doing it. This gives you more dial time.

  1. Schedule appointments right in your email.

Make sure you get their email address so you can email them and use a system where they can just click on a link and go and look at your calendar and pick the best time for them. (Now you’re not going back and forth with your emails. This saves you from having a full inbox. And it saves you time from looking at your calendar. You’re letting them do it so they’re in control. (Clients want to feel they’re in control because it makes them feel good.)

Examples of scheduling software:

Calendly (Free)

Acuity (Paid) – Aside from scheduling, this software allows you to add products in so instead of building an entire online shopping cart, you can have products that you can just send somebody a direct link to. It can also charge somebody for an appointment so they pay for that appointment before they even get on your calendar.

  1. Automate all touchpoints.

All touchpoints can be automated in a text message, an email, a phone call, or delegated to an admin. Either delegate it to software or people.

  1. Put the right people and software in place.

Make sure you put the right people and software in to make sure your system flows. So now you’ve taken your 10-step sales process into just 4 steps.

  1. Put the time up-front to automate each touchpoint.

The attention span of your client is nine seconds for each touchpoint. Make sure that if your sales process doesn’t include an email or text marketing campaign, all touchpoints should be automated. It takes a lot of work and time but once the work is done, all of the stuff that comes after that is all automated. You touch where you need to when you see your stats where the person is opening every single email.

  1. Document each process.

For instance, somebody gets to email #3 and they’ve opened all three emails and are about to go into email #4, now is time for a phone call. So you have a daily task list and you know where those clients are in your sales process. There are so many tools you can use to remind you just by documenting your process.

  1. Find an ally in your business.

Find this salesperson and build this process out with them. Utilize their knowledge and utilize them to build your process. Have a company that has a specialist for everything so you can solve everybody’s problem with one project manager.

  1. Scale your business through packages.

Come up with packages and put a dollar figure on them so you can put on a whole big marketing strategy and expand your business development opportunities. Then you can just do the same for every single client because it all happens the same way, just different verbiage.

Brook’s Major Takeaway:

Don’t think you have to do it all by yourself. Find an ally in your business. Find your yin to your yang and keep them around. Find your partner. Utilize your skills because you don’t have to have everything.

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Episode Resources:

Connect with Brook on and on Twitter @myclonesolution or Facebook.



The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi



Teaching The Skills To Clone Every Business Owner | Join Up Dots with Brook Borup

My guest today on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is Brook Borup. A lady who is on a mission to help the world’s entrepreneurs own their own successful business. The goal is being able to run the business without the business owner pulling all the strings.

Along with her team, she pushes her clients towards business freedom, time abundance and the ability to ultimately sell a business at a profit.

Sound good? You betcha.

Brook developed herself to a position where she is rightly called the “Swiss Army Knife” for Business. This is due to her knowledge of tools, automation, and the needs of small business owners. Her ability to create the perfect solution to any challenge in the most cost-effective way is ideal for the small business owner struggling with the business behind the business.

Brook’s Background

Well, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations with an emphasis in Marketing and Event Planning from Grand Valley State University in 3 years. She struggled with the waste she experienced at the corporate level in large companies. That lead her to take the first steps towards teaching SMBs how to avoid those issues.

The fact is most small business owners only understand what they know. Unfortunately, 80% of running a successful small business is NOT their trade knowledge. That has created a never-ending conveyor belt of small business owners lining up to work with her.

Show Highlights

So, what is the hardest part of growing a service-based company like her own? Does she look back at her history and think, “Man if only I knew what I know now then we would have been rocking in record time!”

Well, let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Brook Borup.

During the show we discussed weighty topics with Brook such as:

  • Why she is so focused on building a team around her that will free her even more from her business.
    • Tackle the things that fall within her own personal super talent.
  • Why Brook believes that it is so important to spend as much money as you can possibly on hiring a VA.
    • If you go cheap, you get cheap results.
  • Why a great way to start a business is to simply look around at the people you already know, and ask them “How can I help you?”

and lastly….

  • Brooke reveals her worst client ever. You will be surprised to know exactly who she said….. I was for sure 🙂


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