Brook Borup is a process architect who loves to uncover the superpower in others. Her goal is to help them succeed. Brook breaks down the system she uses to help her clients automate, delegate, and eliminate tasks so their business run more efficiently and smoothly. So if you need help with delegation, this is the interview for you!

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Have you ever had a job that you loved and hated at the same time? After 15 years working in hotel and restaurant management, our next guest, Brook Borup, fired corporate America to set a path to elevate small businesses to a new normal.

Some solopreneurs are set in their ways with no end in sight, but those that want to enjoy a life beyond their business are clamoring to find a better way to DO business. So, Brook is here to help them learn. The answer is being more productive with automation to EVOLVE to corporate level delegation.

Brook Borup is your Small Business Process Architect and Owner of My Clone Solution.



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