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tasks that work without you


what you get

This appointment gives you 30 minutes with a Project Management Clone to set up your automation plan with your current systems to prepare for full implementation

whats next

Schedule your appointment and purchaes your time slot below. Before we meet, make sure to have your plan in place and all of your accounts set up for automation

where you go from here

During our call, we’ll be setting up a full automation for you. You’ll see everything we’re doing and we’ll even record it your reference. For multiple automations, please make multiple appointments.

you plan it, we do it. what takes you hours takes us 30 minutes

what’s in it for you?

Business Automation

Did you know that at least 40% of the tasks that what you do on a weekly basis, like sending emails, creating online marketing and network follow up could all be automated with the click of a few buttons?

Get Back Your Time

If you got all this time back through simple automation, then you could focus on getting leads and growing your business.

Grow Your Business

You could do this yourself, we give you a road map. But if you’re serious about getting your time back and growing your business leave it to the professionals

Business Automation Success 

Start Your Business GROWTH plan

“Brook is a multitalented business development Sherpa! I like the fact that she has surrounded herself with top talent and her In The Trenches program is a great resource to connect with valuable professionals who are real players in their industries. I have found her services to be a huge time saver, quality work and fair and square price points as well. I was referred by a business associate and a year later she is my go to helper and guide.”

Michael A Watkins - Financial Advisor

“My Clone and Brook have helped us map information we were already collecting into a more useful mechanism for communicating with clients and contacts. We appreciate her thougthtful and creative solutions.”

Rochelle Walk - Attorney

So, what are you waiting for?

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