Bank Fees: Can You Really Get Rid of NSF Charges?

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In today’s episode of Google My Business Problems, we’re back with Julie Shopa from Clarity Finances talking about bank fees. Though certain fees are unavoidable, the vast majority of fees are. This is especially true in the case of NSF charges.

Julie has seen a lot of clients. The most common bank fee she sees are non sufficient funds or NSF fees. In some cases, clients are paying hundreds of dollars in NSF fees alone! In almost all cases, the business has money- they just haven’t transferred money to the right bank account. 

It’s very common for business owners to have multiple business accounts for their business. The art of maintaining cash flow requires it- but many business owners do not put in the time it takes to utilize these accounts properly. Sadly, this leads them to pay the bank more in NSF fees than what it would cost to hire a qualified bookkeeper. 

Hire a Bookkeeper to Avoid NSF Bank Fees

At My Clone Solution, we’re strong believers in focussing on your super power. Instead of trying to force yourself into a mold you aren’t designed for, hire someone who is. Don’t get used to giving your money away! Bad bookkeeping habits will always cost you more in the end.

By hiring a bookkeeper you will:

  1. Avoid NSF charges
  2. Have better cash flow management
  3. Get a realistic view of your finances

The long story short? The best way to avoid non sufficient fund bank fees is to hire a bookkeeper to improve cash flow management. More often than not, business owners are getting NSF fees from automatic payments and poorly managed checking accounts. Save yourself the heartache by hiring a bookkeeper to free up your time and maintain your books. 

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