Bankers Hours… (It’s 5:00 Somewhere!)

White clock on a desk displaying 5 o'clock and "Bankers Hours (It's 5:00 Somewhere!)" in purple text

9 to 5… “Banker’s hours” they used to call it, but ask any banker the last time they worked banker’s hours and they would probably laugh.  Technology and the internet have given us flexibility and versatility. We can share files with ourselves and we can work anywhere and anytime we want. We need to remember why it’s ok to unplug.

No longer are we trapped in an office or cubicle, for this is a new era for the business world, and we have the luxury of While we are learning to work smarter, not harder, we need to remind ourselves, and often, that we don’t always need to be powered up.

It’s ok To Unplug Technology From Business/Personal Life

Iphones, Ipads, text messages, instant messages, just a few of our wonderful techy toys and features which allows everybody to contact us instantly and constantly.   These nonstop connections aren’t even interruptions or irritants anymore.  We welcome them, look for them, initiate them when they aren’t there. That trip to Wells Fargo is unnecessary.  No need to go to the bank, you can deposit through your phone.

Life is lived in the future second hand, a sporting event, child’s recital and the long-awaited Cher concert (yet another farewell tour), all seen initially through the small square glass panel of a phone, praying that the pictures and video are of high Facebook quality to share with others and enjoy later. Relationships begin on a computer, are nurtured through text messages, and are broadcast to all.

Social Media’s Impact

Private thoughts are no longer private as they are put out there for anyone who wants to read them via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Why isn’t there a button that says, “Crappy news, sorry to hear that.”?   If we need information no worries…we Google it… and instead of asking a friend we ask Siri or Cortana.

A new mother pushes a stroller on a sunny Autumn day, but the baby observes the world in silence as mommy yaks away instead to a friend on her Samsung Galaxy, oblivious to the curious child in front of her.

A Changing World of Technology

Clerks at convenience stores and McDonalds also are no longer worthy of trite small talk and niceties as they do their jobs quietly, the customer texting or talking away to someone else. Even previews for coming attractions at our local movie theater find it necessary to include a promo about our tech. It reminds us to be courteous and put our phones away during the show.

It is fair to say our technological advances have allowed us freedoms and choices our forefathers never had. If they were lucky enough to take a vacation, it was just that. It’s ok to unplug once in awhile…  Otherwise kind of makes you wonder why they call them smart phones…

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