Blog Post Lengths: How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

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How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

We’re back with another burning copywriting question: How long should a blog post be? Allyzon from Cast Haste is here to give us a straight answer on the next episode of Google My Business Problems. If you’ve ever read a blog on content marketing, you’ll quickly notice that everyone has an idea of what the perfect blog post lengths are. In truth, there isn’t a perfect blog post length- rather the right length for your niche and topic. Google looks at content from an html to text ratio and beyond that, they look to their top ranking websites to set the standard. After all, position 1 is position 1 for a reason: Their content serves the searcher best. To find the perfect length for your blog post, ask yourself:

  • Who is in positions 1-3 for the keyword’s I’m trying to rank for?
  • What is the average length of their content?

You can use tools like to find the length of blog posts. To find the top 3, perform a few Google searches for topics you are interested in ranking for. By the end of those 2 questions, you’ll have a straightforward answer on how long your blog post should be. Your blog posts should be a competitive length (and better than positions 1-3) to see promising ranking results. Like all areas of your business, you need to constantly examine the competition and make sure that what you offer is the best.

Fit Your Blog Post Length to Your Readers

If you are still at a loss for how long your content should be, the top-performing content lengths typically range from 300 to 1300 words. That provides a great text to HTML ratio on the page, and that can help rankings. If you have a few different competitors running different strategies, you can try different post lengths. Your audience will show you which style prefer by simply visiting and staying longer. If your readers take the time to read the longer content, stick with it. The more words on a page, the more potential for keywords to develop with the post organically, especially if you write keyword-synonym-rich content.

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