Reach InBox 0! Clean Email InBoxes

OMG… How to Reach InBox 0! Clean Email InBoxes [VIDEO]

training by BROOK BORUP!

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Show Notes & Links

Welcome to in the Trenches MBA! in this video we are going to talk about taking steps to get to Inbox 0 and out of email overwhelm. These steps will help you delete thousands of emails in the first hour and give you the confidence to get it done and keep it clean.

If you need more help after this video feel free to go here to get some free advice on which one is best for your situation.

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Email Over Flowing? How to Get Out of Email Hell…

Start (0:35)
Which One are You?
0 Email Inbox or Your This 13,676 Emails?

The Classifications (0:56)
1. Don’t need this ever (Unsubscribe)
2. Don’t need this today (folders)
3. Need to keep, but task is done (folders)
4, Important needs to be done (inbox)

The Process (2:46)
where to Start….
Use the Classifications as A Guide

• Search by Email Address or Person
• Unsubscribe if Needed then Select All & Delete
• Create Folder and Folder if Needed
• Create Folders of Folders (clients = client name)
• (Rule of thumb… if it’s more than 2 months old and you never opened it… it’s ok to delete it)
• (Suggestion use 2 tabs one for the search and one so you don’t lose your place in the list)
• if going one by one start with the oldest emails first
• Start with the steps coming up next…

Actual Steps that we use to help achieve Inbox Zero (5:30)
Easy ways to Delete 1000’s in 60 Minutes

1. Search for the Junk (5:36)
• Daily Weekly. Monthly Digests like Groupon. Living Social, Horoscopes, Quotes
• Copy the email address from each one… paste into the email search of the 2nd tab… (unsubscribe) select al and delete. Repeat

2, Search for Emails ” no reply ” (6:48)
• This will give you the typical bulk mail like facebook, linkedin, Twitter notifications and more.
• These are time sensitive and can usually be found on their websites, blogs, social media etc… Repeat process above

3.Your Subscriptions (7:45)
• These were important once are they still important?
• if not… Repeat process above
• if so… Create a folder and put the relevant emails there.
• Create a rule for your email so they go there automatically if you don’t need to see them arrive in your inbox, but you want to keep them.

The Non-Bulk Email (8:31)

1. Start With the Oldest First (8:58)
• What category does it fall into?
• Copy the email address from each one. paste into the email search of the 2nd tab.. (Unsubscribe) Select all and delete. Repeat

2. Tasks – Your New Normal (9:38)
• This is the golden point. Deal with emails daily as tasks not as a burden. You will start to delete. Folder, Unsubscribe and handle your email like a Master!

3. Tools for Staying Clean (10:07)
• Gmail has the option of using – This free product will help you create a daily digest of all your bulk mail you want to keep, but only see in one email a day.
• Folders and rules – Use these wisely
• Chrome Extensions – There are options for chrome that give you extra functionality like Snooze, Send Later, Email Templates, Task List and More. (Examples MixMax, Boomerang, Streak, Hubspot, Gmelius)


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