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TO THE BOSS: 12 Daunting Statements That Your Employees Are Afraid to Say to Your Face

Being the boss has its perks. Usually you have a good parking space, you can set hour own hours (which basically means that although you are ALWAYS working no one is tracking how long your lunch is, etc.), and you have a position of authority and purpose. Before you go feeling too smug and comfy, grab yourself a cup of coffee, kick back, and prepare yourself… You are the boss, and there are things you need to know. This isn’t about time management and sales goals for the upcoming year. NOPE… this one is about you. If you are sharp, you are cognizant of the invisible wall which separates you from the rest of the staff. There are jokes you won’t be in on, certain things that you won’t understand, and a lot of words which will be left unsaid. It is time for you to hear those words. This is not a comprehensive list, and not all will apply to you. If the shoe doesn’t fit, pat yourself on the back and move on. Check yourself as you read these, and try not to be oversensitive to the ones that do apply.

From A to Z… 26 Ways to Shred the Competition

There are many ways to exceed expectations, and the A to Z list above includes just a few examples. Be the best at what you do, and above all focus on extreme customer service. Remember when your mom used to say to treat people the way you would want to be treated? Really that’s the bottom line. Competence, diligence, hard work, integrity… the traits you possess that enabled you to be a successful entrepreneur, and why you can easily shred the competition today.

Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Too Big?

Actually the title above simply suggests that if you really don’t want to know the truth, then don’t ask the question! If you are a business owner, however, you can’t bury your head in the sand. You better want to know if your customers are satisfied, if they would come to you again, and if there are things you could have done better. The best and most consistent way of achieving this goal is through customer reviews.

10 Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy…and Keep Them!

Some would argue that the example above is a little over the top… that it has a ring of “sucking up” to one’s clientele. That isn’t true at all. There’s an old saying, “Keep your customers happy or somebody else will.” This is true today more than ever. Competition is everywhere, and there are computer programs which allow people to do many of their own tasks if they have the time (and skills) to learn the software. It comes down to how you want to spend your minutes and money, but who doesn’t like to feel appreciated and yes… a little bit special? The goal is to keep your customers happy, and keep them coming back. If you aren’t concerned about retention, marketing is a waste of time and resources. These ten simple tips will remind your clients why they chose you, and will keep them coming back for more.

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