COACH the COACH – Brook Borup with My Clone Solution – March 23, 2019

In this captivating conversation, Brookunveils the transformative role her company plays as the indispensable back office for business coaches. She delves into the intricate art of streamlining, managing, and executing the tasks that often weigh coaches down or fall outside their areas of expertise. From meticulous data management to the ever-evolving realm of social media and the meticulous dance of bookkeeping

So, if you’re a coach seeking to ascend to new heights of productivity and profitability, or a small business owner looking for invaluable insights into efficient operations, this episode is an absolute must-listen. Brookshares her wisdom, offering actionable advice and unveiling the power of holistic planning and strategy.

Tune in and embark on a transformative journey with us as we explore the strategies and solutions that will redefine your coaching business. Don’t miss this profound episode of “Coach the Coach” – it’s a game-changer!

Here are the Official show notes, Enjoy!

00:02:58 Initiating a problem, individuals seek assistance for resolution.
00:06:17 Cautionary note: Trusting others with access to your information can have detrimental consequences.
00:07:02 Introducing LastPass: A secure solution for password management, promoting privacy and security.
00:13:28 Gauging impact through client satisfaction, as ROI is not the sole measure.
00:14:35 Objective: Creating impact by departing from corporate America in 2013 and aiding entrepreneurs and small business owners in realizing their dreams.
00:17:47 Optimal referrals: “Speak with Brook” for assistance with business tasks; Brook possesses the clients’ superpower, catering to diverse needs.
00:21:34 Understand your target audience’s pain points for effective sales; convey your solution swiftly and persuasively.
00:26:12 To locate Brook online, simply search for My Clone Solution or Brook Borup on LinkedIn, or Google. Easy access is guaranteed.

Questions Answered in this Episode

1. How does MyClone Solution serve business coaches and what specific tasks do they handle?
2. What is the main pain point that coaches typically face that leads them to seek out MyClone Solution’s services?
3. How does MyClone Solution approach working with clients and what does the initial conversation look like?
4. Is there a typical point of entry for clients, or do they seek assistance with various tasks depending on their needs?
5. What is the common mistake that business owners, including coaches, often make when it comes to delegating and seeking assistance?
6. How does MyClone Solution combat this common mistake and ensure that clients are educated and empowered in their decisions?
7. Can you give an example of a specific tool or strategy that MyClone Solution introduces to clients to help them protect their sensitive information and improve efficiency?
8. How does MyClone Solution emphasize the importance of a holistic approach to marketing strategies and avoid tactics that do not align with the overall business goals?
9. Can you share an example of a common misconception or ineffective approach that coaches often have when it comes to running Facebook ads?
10. How do MyClone Solution help coaches and business owners achieve a balance between focusing on their expertise and delegating tasks that they are not skilled at?

Key Topics

Introduction to My Clone Solution
Overview of My Clone Solution and its role as the back office for coaches
Mention of teaching delegation and living in one’s superpower

Services provided by My Clone Solution
Focus on operations and allowing coaches to focus on coaching
Areas of expertise include data management, social media, bookkeeping, and automation
The goal of helping coaches delegate and automate tasks to create a life outside of their business

Challenges faced by coaches
Spending too much time on non-revenue-generating tasks
Feeling frustrated and burnt out due to focusing on areas they are not skilled in

Initial conversation with My Clone Solution
Start with identifying a problem or area of need
Fixing immediate issues while also looking at the bigger picture
Developing a program tailored to the specific needs and goals of the coach or business owner
Flexible working arrangements, ranging from retainer to project-based

Common mistakes made by coaches and business owners
Being sold on various services and products without a holistic plan
Lack of knowledge and awareness leading to poor decision-making
Need for education and protection in areas such as passwords and data security

Importance of a holistic marketing strategy
Highlighting the common mistake of running Facebook ads without a strategy or call to action
Emphasizing the need to align tactics with the overall marketing plan for effectiveness and ROI


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