Coffee Break Podcast EP 171 – How To Implement Systems in Your Business ft. Brook Borup – April 26, 2022

In the realm of modern business, staying competitive hinges on adaptability and innovation. Join us with our CEO, Brook Borup. She will share expert insights on implementing automation in your business, even if your current systems are far from it. Discover why a solid infrastructure is essential, and learn how automation can catapult your business beyond the confines of manual operations.

Get ready for a concise yet enlightening journey into the world of business automation with Brook Borup, and unlock the true potential of your company.

Here are the Official show notes, Enjoy!

00:00:32 Coffee Break podcast shares business ideas with Brook Borup from My Clone Solutions. Subscribe for weekly episodes.
00:03:05 Discussing Fractional Integrator, making businesses more process-driven.
00:07:13 Transitioning a startup to long-term stability.
00:12:59 Loc-Doc Security Security solves HOA pool security problems.
00:15:03 Gino Wickman‘s book Traction emphasizes key roles and staying focused within the organization. Owners often try to do everything, which hinders their ability to serve well. Partnering with a fractional integrator or implementer allows them to focus on their strengths and reach their goals. Without a plan, everyone ends up in different places, causing frustration. Having someone help clarify the destination and roles can resolve this issue.
00:19:58 Navigating big change is a challenge.
00:22:37 Helping clients solve problems, expert advice offered.
00:24:42 Key control: Know who has access. Initial assessment reveals blind spots, work required.
00:30:07 Minimize duplicate data entry and automate processes.
00:33:21 Trades need to prioritize customer service and delegate.
00:36:26 Great conversation, valuable information for businesses. Visit My Clone for more details. Subscribe for practical business advice.
00:00:32 This is a podcast episode featuring guest Brook Borup from My Clone Solutions, discussing business strategies and inviting listeners to subscribe.
00:03:05 We’ll discuss the Fractional integrator, making businesses process-driven and scalable.
00:07:13 The struggle of transitioning a growing business to be less reliant on the owner/founder and run autonomously is discussed in this podcast episode. The guest works with business owners to address this challenge.
00:12:59 Loc-Doc Security specializes in helping HOA board members and property managers choose the best pool security solution, such as a keypad, key, or key card systems, and cameras. They have 20 years of experience and aim to simplify the process. Contact them for a free consultation.
00:15:03 The key point is that spreading oneself too thin leads to inefficiency and a lack of focus. Seeking help from a partner or implementer can bring clarity to goals and help with execution.
00:19:58 People desire automation but underestimate the difficulty of change and the potential for temporary worsening. Navigating change requires addressing comfort and understanding.
00:22:37 Most clients come to me with one problem. In a 22-minute call, I give 5 ways to solve it. Then, we can address other issues in a longer call. Discovery calls last 3 hours, done in person or via Zoom.
00:24:42 LockDock Security ensures you know who can copy your keys for your business and home. Visit for more information. Assess your business to uncover blind spots and areas that need improvement.
00:30:07 Automate processes to minimize duplication and improve communication efficiency. For example, use customer portals to send quotes instead of manually creating PDFs and emails.
00:33:21 The author talks about the importance of communication in trades, the challenge of long wait times, and how small businesses can be overshadowed by big businesses.
00:36:26 The conversation provided great information for businesses. Visit for more details. Subscribe for practical business tips and don’t miss any episodes.

Questions Answered in this Episode

1. How can implementing effective systems in your business help you overcome common challenges and improve productivity?
2. What are some key signs that indicate a business is in need of implementing systems? How can business owners identify these signs and take action?
3. Brook Borup mentions offering five different ways to solve a client’s problem during the initial call. How can this approach demonstrate expertise and understanding to potential clients?
4. Brook conducts a three-hour discovery call with clients. How does this in-depth conversation help them better understand the client’s business and determine the best strategies for implementation?
5. Brook mentions the concept of key roles within an organization, as described in the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman. How can identifying and defining these roles help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively?
6. How does the analogy of wanting to go to Denver without a plan relate to the need for having someone help clarify business goals, identify necessary actions, and involve the right people?
7. Loc-Doc Security emphasizes the importance of knowing who has access to copies of your keys. What potential risks can arise from unauthorized key copying, and how can businesses mitigate these risks?
8. My Clone Solution offers software stack solutions that can be scaled for businesses of various sizes. How can these systems be applied to different areas of a business to enhance efficiency?
9. Loc-Doc Security specializes in pool security solutions for HOAs and property managers. How can proper security measures such as keypad, key, or key card systems, as well as camera systems, help ensure the safety of pools and surrounding areas?
10. How can service providers, both local and international, implement efficient systems to maximize their time and increase productivity? Can you share any examples of automation in service-based industries like trades or construction?


Key Topics

I. Brook Borup’s Expertise in Helping Clients Solve Problems
– Brook’s specialization in helping people with specific problems
– Clients seeking help when they don’t know where to start
– Offering five different ways to solve client problems in the first call
– Demonstrating expertise and understanding of client perspectives

II. The Discovery Call Process
– Three-hour discovery call in person or via Zoom
– Getting “all up in your business”
– Addressing the initial problem and determining further focus
– Exploring the option of discussing systems

III. Importance of Systems in Business
– Reference to the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman
– Discussing key roles within an organization
– Business owners spreading themselves too thin by trying to do everything
– Acknowledging guilt in this behavior and the resulting difficulty
– Partnering with a fractional integrator or implementer to focus on strengths

IV. Importance of Having a Plan and Execution
– An analogy of wanting to go to Denver without a plan
– Clarifying purpose, involving necessary individuals, defining actions
– Ensuring effective execution and achieving desired outcomes

V. Lockdock Security and Key Systems
– Challenges of unauthorized key copying and risks
– Importance of knowing who has access to key copies
– Assessing security systems and identifying blind spots

VI. MyClone Solution and Implementation
– Introduction to MyClone Solution
– Helping clients implement business strategies
– Importance of effective systems as a foundation for success
– Scalable software solutions for businesses of various sizes
– Application of systems in different areas of a business

VII. Pool Security and HOA Needs
– Lockdock Security’s expertise in pool security decisions
– Key systems, keypad systems, and cameras for pools and HOAs
– Simplifying the decision-making process for pool security

VIII. Services Providers and Efficiency
– Understanding service providers and selling knowledge
– Local and international service providers
– Having efficient systems in place to maximize time and productivity
– Automating repetitive tasks and minimizing duplicate data entry

IX. Transitioning to a Stable and Independent Business
– The speaker’s background in the trades industry
– Staying in touch with customers in trades and customer service importance
– Putting necessary pieces in place for small business owners
– Overcoming challenges faced by small businesses compared to larger ones



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