How Can Startups and Entrepreneurs Use the Content Sprouting Method for Podcasts and Video

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We’re here once again with our friend and colleague, video strategist Sheryl Plouffe of Sheryl Plouffe Media. In this installment, we’re going to answer another one of the most frequently asked questions on google as we will delve a little deeper down the rabbit hole of video marketing strategy.

Today’s Question: How to Use the Content Sprouting Method for Videos and Podcasts?

Content Sprouting for Podcasts and Videos

When we talk about sprouting, the idea and the concept is simple. How can content creators make more of the content they are creating?  Content sprouting is the ability to take one seed, or piece of content and sprout it into several different related pieces of content. In regards to podcasts and video, the question often asked is:

“Where do I start? Do I start with video, and make a podcast from that? Or vice-versa?”

The solution to this particular problem is to begin with a video, and extract content from the video to be used on various different platforms. By starting with a video, content creators can extract the information from the video to be used for different media. 

For instance, Once you have posted your video to a platform such as youtube, you can in turn export the audio-only file and upload it to a platform for podcasts, such as or another similar platform.

This strategy also allows creators to augment their podcast content, and add more valuable information to podcasts that may have been omitted, or didn’t make it into the video. It also enables creators to further expand upon topics that they may have not had time to fully explain when creating the video content.

This process can even be taken one step further. From the video and audio, content creators can also transcribe, or translate the information into a piece of written content, and repurpose the information to be used for their blog as well.

Why is Content Sprouting Effective?

When implemented as a part of a consistent content strategy, content sprouting is a beneficial way for businesses to get their message out to more platforms, and to other people who may otherwise not come across the information. The takeaway from this method of sprouting content is in a sense, way in which creators can put their content to work at its full potential to cover as much ground as possible and maximize its reach to broader audiences.

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