DEEP THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know Can Kill Your Business

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Everything is status quo… you do it all the same way all the time.  That’s always how you’ve done it and it works.  Well, maybe it doesn’t work well, but it works for you.   Sure it’s hard work, but it is supposed to be hard.  (“YUP, that’s why it’s called work”, said Grandpa.)  What you don’t know can kill your business, and here’s why.

It’s been ingrained into your brain that this is only way you will ever get ahead… Work work work and more work when you’re done with that.   This is how it’s done.   Consider this…It all boils down to what you know.

That’s how you run your life, how you run your business, how you have always navigated through your days.  Have you ever asked yourself what if….?   What if there was more?  Is it remotely possible that how you’ve always done it just isn’t enough?  What if what you don’t know you don’t know is killing your business?


Remember the movie The Matrix?  Keanu Reeves played a computer programmer named Neo, who learned the real truth about his fake life and was drawn into a rebellion against the machines, which involved other people who had also been freed from the “dream world”.

Okay, maybe comparing your life and your business to this sci-fi classic is a bit of a stretch, but the concept is similar.  Neo was okay with how things were going day to day because that’s all he really knew, until his eyes were opened to the truth.  How could your eyes be opened?


How many smart phones are smarter than the person using them?  EXACTLY!  These phones come to us directly from the factory with pre-filled Apps.  Some users only know how to make a phone call and add contacts after a struggle, yet they are paying somebody big bucks every month for basic service.

This is the obvious market that other simple cell phone companies are honing in on. The phone user who doesn’t know what they don’t know; the technically challenged folk who have apps and functions that are merely pictures on a hidden screen which will never be touched or used.

Why not sell these people a basic phone without all the apps if they aren’t going to bother learning them anyhow?   When it comes to cell phones, or even computers, most of it is self-taught.  We learn what we need to know as we go along, basically on an as-needed basis.

How is your business going for you?

How is your hard work and doing it the old way paying off for you?


Day to day as you face challenges and deadlines, as you strive not to get ahead but merely to almost keep up, you can gain comfort knowing that there are better ways.  There are things you are struggling with that can be eliminated, or at the very least reduced, with a different process. Something you don’t know can kill your business before you even know it.

Brook Borup and her team at My Clone Solution can help you discover what you didn’t know that you didn’t know.   It’s not just about your business surviving (is that even raising the bar high enough for you?) but having it flourish.   Indeed you need to take advantage of all the processes and apps in life that are available to you.

Like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, it is all about enlightenment.   Knowing there is a better way to do what you work so hard at is just the beginning.  The truth shall set you free.

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