Brook mentored me during my three-month apprenticeship from Acadium. She taught me the foundations of digital marketing and also gave me a holistic view of exactly what Digital Marketing includes. I was very impressed by her generosity in her teaching methods, she opened up her business offerings to allow me to fully understand what digital marketing entails, how to apply it to what your clients want and how to use it to advise clients.

I was privileged to meet some of her “clones” which is the name given to the employees at My Clone Solution, her Company and they were all very well trained in their area of expertise as well as very eager to help me understand. I was allowed to view the training recordings which were created and hosted by Brook and the information truly helped me in my business and my offerings to my clients. I am therefore very happy to recommend Brook and her company for all your digital marketing needs. The GSD program which was developed for the DIY entrepreneurs is packed with knowledge that is very easy to follow and understand. Thank you Brook! You truly are the swiss army knife for small business marketing!