Brook and her team at My Clone Solution are great to have in my corner. Their ability to educate me and answer both quick and more challenging questions is one of many things I value in our relationship, and it is a relationship. Helping me resolve website domain ownership and access was a game-changer. Going on to building a website, and creating in a way that I can update on my own, has been great. I also love that there is the flexibility to also say, I think I want this, and they can build the best template for it. Brook has also been great at pointing me to a better solution if I am having tunnel vision issues. Aside from the website, My Clone Solution has helped me understand the key components of funnel building. The marketing pantry mini workshop as part of GSD (Get Stuff Done!) has also been very helpful for me. If you are having any challenges with websites, social media strategy, marketing, or creating a membership site and courses, workshops, or any other place you might need a team member but don’t want an employee, gIve working with Brook a try, it may just be the solution you’re looking for, and even more.