How Do I Figure Out What to Delegate in My Business? [VIDEO]

Young man in business suit contemplating, a pen resting under his chin and a phrase that reads "How Do I Figure Out What to Delegate" on the side

Welcome to in the Trenches MBA! How do you delegate if you don’t know where to start? How you figure out what to delegate? We will be giving you an awesome formula and tips to get started along the path to handing off some of those hats.

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How Do I Delegate?

Here’s Your Checklist

It’s Only Cheaper and Faster the First Time

The Dilemma. (0:27)

• I don’t trust anyone but me
• I don’t have the money
• I don’t know what to delegate
• It’s faster if I just do it
• it’s cheaper if I just do it
• What if I Train someone and they leave
• I can’t find anyone good

Notice a Pattern Here… There is a lot of I’s

Businesses were not meant to be I’s… Corporations don’t use I’s they use We’s for good reasons.

You can not be all things to all people and you can not know and do everything yourself.

What to Delegate Exercise (1:18)

• Write down every task you do for 7 days… Homework!
• Your List is Long and it was a Painful task… right?
• Grab 3 Highlighters
• Color 1: All the things that you hate doing?
• Color 2: All the things you are not good at
• Color 3: All the things that YOUR BRAIN needs to do!

Think Garage Sales Blankets — Example Explained Keep, Donate, Throw Away

How To Delegate Exercise (3:17)

• Now you have your lists
• At My Clone Solution we start with asking these questions.

• Can we automate this task? if yes… Make It Happen!
• If not, is this task repetitive and can be taught?
• if repetitive… Create A Training Video!
• if not repetitive… can we find another way?
• Would it be best done by a specialist?
• The only tasks left should be ones that you need to do because you are the only one that can do them.

Who To Delegate to Exercise (4:46)

• Start Small… Outsource The that you hate the most or that causes you to lose LOTS of time, Energy and is frustrating.
• Next Pick Your Task and the Person that is right for the job Remember Not Everyone is Great at everything… That is an Unrealistic Standard You Can Not Even Hold Yourself to.

• Options: Virtual Assistant – Task Based $3-35 per hour
• Allows you to be manager

• Options: Online Business Manager – More Critical Thinking $35-50 Per Hour
• Allows you to truly have o right hand

• Options: Specialist – One job they are trained for – rates based on skill
• Bookkeepers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Social Media, Cooks, Housekeepers, Nanny,s

• Options: Project Manager – Higher Level $50-100 per hour
• Develops the process and manages or trains you to manage

• Options: Business Coach – Strategy only $150-250 per hour
• Helps you develop a plan of attach of a project manager

• Pricing: Package, Hourly, Monthly for all levels

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