Flexxbuy Financing

Empowering Your Business Growth Without the Burden of High Credit Card Interest Rates!

Introducing Flexxbuy Financing

Empowering Your Business Growth Without the Burden of High Credit Card Interest Rates!

Our loan program, in collaboration with Flexxbuy, is designed for coaching, implementation, and various business services. Say goodbye to exorbitant credit card interest rates, as our program is tailored to your credit, offering over 30 different loan programs.

So, What’s in it For You?

By partnering with Flexxbuy, we provide you with a choice of more than 30 loan programs, presenting a compelling alternative to traditional credit cards with fees reaching up to 30% or more.

This approach enables us to expedite and consolidate your projects efficiently, translating a $3,000 endeavor into a manageable $94 per month payment.

We recognize that not everyone can or wants to leverage existing assets or credit when building or scaling a business. Our financing option allows you to compartmentalize your investment, providing flexibility and ease.

It pains me when I know I can contribute to a business’s growth, but financial constraints hinder project advancement. That’s why I’ve diligently sought a solution that facilitates swift project completion without inhibiting payment plans.

Enter Flexxbuy – a personalized multi-lender platform offering competitive terms for consumers across the entire credit spectrum.

How Flexxbuy Works?

Why Flexxbuy?

One easy online application

Best offers from multiple lenders in seconds

Interest rates starting at 5.9%

Loan amounts ranging from $500 to $100,000

Credit scores as low as 550 with the better rates the higher the credit score

Good credit history and cumulative debit to income ratio below 50%

Checking rates won’t affect credit score (This is a soft pull until you accept an offer)

Initial offers are given based on an application that doesn’t require a SSN or EIN

The convenience fee for getting funded is equivalent to using a credit card, minus the exorbitant rates

No repayment penalties on any of the loan options

Make sure to turn off any security locks that you have in place prior to submitting the initial application because it will cause a denial

Flexxbuy is on a mission to provide nearly every business with client financing options tailored to their unique needs. We’re not a one-size-fits-all solution – we match your business with a financing solution that aligns with your specific requirements.

Don’t Let Financial Constraints Hold Your Business Back.

Click the link to explore your financing options and kickstart your project with Flexxbuy today!