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In February of 2016, we were blessed to be on That Business Show to talk about our services.

Question: What do you do?

We provide full-scale virtual assistant services for business owners that need to learn how to delegate and automate their businesses. We do this by connecting business owners with virtual assistants in the Philipines at a cost they can actually afford. Or, if they’d rather hire onshore we will connect them with interns from local colleges or coach them through the process of delegation. 

Question: What services do you offer?

We focus on business administration tasks. From sales calls to appointments settings to reporting and creating your sales automation. 

Question: How long have you been in business?

This is my third year in business. 

Question: What was your inspiration?

I’ve been an assistant in the hospitality management industry and realized I was very talented at support. As a girl who came from a small business family, I knew I needed to help small business owners. I wanted to make sure they got over the first 5 years. 

Question: What are the pain points of your clients?

Time. They can’t seem to get started, know where they need to go, and can’t conquer all the work it takes to get there. 

Question: How does the process actually work?

We use online tools to track our employees and interactions, primarily Google products and Zoom

Question: Do you make office calls?

Right now, I’m making the house calls. But if a person is looking for an in-house solution, we’re always looking to find the perfect fit for you. We can do everything from posting the add to scanning the applicants. 

Question: Can you share a client success story?

Sure. We had a telemarketing client and our Philipino Clones started making the calls. Now we’re setting 10-15 appointments a day, after just a few months. He needs to make one sale to pay off the fee of using our service. 

Question: How do you talk about the cost of your service?

By talking to our potential clients about their hourly. Most people know what an hour of their time costs. Then I ask them the golden question: How much money are you wasting doing these tasks by yourself? Start slow and work your way up. Virtual is the perfect solution for slow beginnings that allow you to ramp up. (Your hourly rate is your net income divided by your hours worked).

Question: How do you overcome objections? 

Most business owners think that it’s easier to do themselves or don’t know how to pass it off. That’s where we step in to create processes so that this can be offboarded.

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