Brook Borup is an Outsourcing COO, Process Designer, Project Manager, Productivity Consultant, Accountability Coach, and Virtual Staff Manager at My Clone Solution. Brooke was driven by the desire to see small business owners spend more time away from their business and doing what they love. Brook is also a Business Coach at Tom Binder Fine Arts and has developed systems and methodologies. She is helping countless business owners around the world do more of what they love. 

Key Takeaways from Go Big or Go Broke

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  • It’s important to value the employees you hire. Don’t make the corporate America mistake of treating people as a commodity. Treat them well. Value them.
  • My Clone Solution’s target market is a mindset. Most of our clients are ready to accept help, understand they aren’t the best at anything and are willing to learn to delegate.
  • My Clone Solution’s core services are LinkedIn Lead Generation, building and automating websites, teaching delegation, and anything else they may need. Once we have the system set up, this helps them streamline automation and get rid of all of the noise in between.
  • Delegation is a mindset we are experts at teaching. For every person you bring on, you’re unlocking more time to make sales. We suggest starting with an assistant that grows.
  • Our team is comprised of an admin assistant, a video editor, a LinkedIn Pro, a telemarketer, an automation guru, a web designer, a graphic design team, a data management, and an SEO team. We expect this to grow, too!
  • As of today, we have 15 active clients on retainer and dozens of others in smaller offerings. We find our clients via LinkedIn Lead Generation, workshops, networking, and much more. We really like to hit the ground running!
  • MCS does not work in conversion marketing. We do the rest. It’s on our clients to create a conversion and we’ll make sure all the systems are in place.
  • Our unique value proposition is that we are experts at managing CEOs. The entrepreneur is a complex mind and we know how to handle shiny ball syndrome. In short, we’re implementation specialists.

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