Go Getter Podcast – Maximize Your Income & Do Less Work with a Virtual Assistant with Brook Borup – March 16,2021

In this captivating episode, Brook unveils the incredible potential that virtual assistants unlock for small businesses. Get ready to be inspired as she recounts her personal journey, leaving behind the confines of a corporate job as an assistant to embark on a thrilling entrepreneurial adventure with her own virtual assistant company.

Discover the dynamic world of virtual assistants, and gain a deeper understanding of their multifaceted roles. Brook expertly guides you through the various types of VAs, shedding light on their diverse skill sets and the vital functions they can fulfill. From the meticulous realm of bookkeeping to the seamless orchestration of systems, and even the strategic wizardry of marketing, she leaves no stone unturned.

But that’s not all – Brook imparts invaluable insights on how to pinpoint the perfect virtual assistant tailored specifically to your business needs. It’s a masterclass in finding the ideal match for your unique requirements, ensuring a seamless integration of support, efficiency, and success. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your business with the transformative power of virtual assistants!

Here are the Official show notes, Enjoy!

[00:03:01] Corporate America wasn’t the right fit for me, but now I’m dedicated to helping small businesses become more efficient.
[00:07:09] Dissatisfied with my sales role, I made the leap to find a new job.
[00:10:24] Faced with unwanted treatment, I turned to my faith to seek justice.
[00:13:09] Transitioning to a more proactive conversation, I want to share an exciting Thinkific offer.
[00:15:21] Wondering about the range of virtual assistant rates and the tasks they can handle? Let’s dive in.
[00:20:52] I left my job due to frustration and the overwhelming hours, determined to build my own business.
[00:24:12] Here’s the deal: 20% comes from your brain, and the rest can be automated or delegated. We’re here to help you boost efficiency.
[00:27:49] Virtual assistants can be a game-changer, but it often boils down to having the right systems in place.
[00:29:08] Offloading tasks to a virtual assistant can be therapeutic. It’s like a breath of fresh air for entrepreneurs.
[00:33:15] Coaches, especially during the pandemic, are pivoting to courses with our 3-product coaching solution.
[00:36:17] Success in the coaching business hinges on well-designed systems, including lead generation and service options.
[00:39:29] Building your brand? Consider creating branded social media channels for consistent success.
[00:45:01] We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. If we don’t deliver results, you won’t be charged.
[00:47:30] Our expertise lies in effortlessly organizing events that boost your brand and revenue.
[00:51:04] Successful virtual summits can be a powerful motivator for women looking to host their own.
[00:53:36] Self-accountability is the key to growing your business.
[00:58:45] I’m a firm believer in the power of a 22-minute call to find the perfect fit and scale your business. Book your free 22-minute call at call.mysolution.com.

Questions Answered in this Episode

1. What are some of the challenges faced by small business owners when it comes to managing their workload?
2. How can implementing systems and processes help small business owners become more efficient and valuable?
3. What are some key considerations when hiring and managing virtual assistants?
4. How can virtual assistants contribute to maximizing income for small business owners?
5. What role does branding play in the success of a small business? How can different platforms be leveraged effectively?
6. In what ways can podcasting and YouTube be used together to enhance the impact of a business?
7. How important is consistency in achieving success as a business owner? What are some common challenges faced in maintaining consistency?
8. How can a support program or community, like the one mentioned in the episode, help individuals starting or transitioning in their endeavors?
9. What are some potential benefits and challenges of transitioning from 1-on-1 coaching to creating courses?
10. How can the use of digital courses, like the one promoted by Thinkific, contribute to financial success for entrepreneurs?

Key Topics

Introduction to the podcast and episode title
• Brook’s background in corporate America and transition to working with small business owners
• Brook’s goal of helping business owners become more efficient and valuable
• Brook’s experience in offloading work and managing a team

Transitioning from Assistant to Sales Role
• Brook’s experience transitioning from an assistant role to a sales role
• Brook’s decision to not take a pay cut for more responsibilities
• Brook’s successful transition to a similar sales role at a different property
• Brook’s ability to save the company money through their relationships and expertise

Importance of Offloading Work to a Virtual Assistant (VA)
• Brook’s relief in finding a VA or someone who understands the importance of offloading work from an entrepreneur’s plate
• Brook’s realization of the need to manage and oversee the work of the team they built
• Brook’s belief in the necessity of having others help with tasks and responsibilities as a business grows
• Brook’s work with coaches transitioning from 1-on-1 coaching to creating courses

Assisting Coaches in Marketing Their Courses
Brook’s product called 3 product coaching for turning 1-on-1 coaching into a course
• Offering group coaching and a self-study course as alternatives
• Assisting clients with marketing their courses through lead magnets and funnels

Exploring the World of Virtual Assistants (VA)
• Discussing the range of hourly rates for VAs
• Highlighting the tasks that VAs can handle, such as data entry and social media management
• Managing a standard VA and the responsibilities it entails
• Average pay for VAs in the United States

Maximizing Income with Skilled Virtual Assistants
• Introduction to the topic of hiring a skilled VA to maximize income
• The importance of reducing stress and having proper systems and processes in place for effective VA management
• Addressing negative experiences with VAs and attributing some failures to poor management and organization by the business owner
• Mentioning a specific case of a woman who struggled with multiple VAs due to her own management style

Leveraging Different Platforms for Branding and Impact
• Emphasizing the importance of branding oneself through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube
• Discussing the need to leverage YouTube in conjunction with podcasting for maximum impact
• Highlighting the significance of having a checklist for effective podcast management and achievement of goals

Consistency and the Importance of Systems and Processes
• Discussing the struggle of many business owners to maintain consistency
• Brook’s program helps individuals starting or transitioning in their endeavors, offering accountability, answers, and support
• The belief that by giving back and helping others, one’s own business will grow
• Importance of having systems and processes in place for business growth

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