Google Reviews: How to Get More Testimonials

How to get more testimonials in white text with five stars above it

Call for Google Reviews! We’re grateful for your business and we’d be thrilled if you could leave a Google Review for our business. But you know us, won’t ask for something without giving you something in return. So, we’re going to teach you how to generate your own Google Reviews, too. Don’t forget to share your links in the Google comments for a review.

The Power Of Google Reviews

Why does leaving a review matter so much in business, anyway? The reviews left by happy (or unhappy) customers can actually have a huge impact on your business and future clients. Most people look at customer reviews before they use a product or service because it gives them a better idea of what they’re purchasing. The viewpoint is that of a buyer, not the seller, so it will feel more genuine.

Consider Your Experience

Think about your experience with us. What made the project go well? What key services did you invest in? We’re curious to know how our services and products helped your business and where you thought we excelled. Some services we offer are:

  • Building a membership site and courses
  • Facebook ad campaigns
  • Branding for your business
  • Automation
  • Funnel building
  • Website development
  • Workshops
  • GSD
  • Active Campaign services
  • Copywriting
  • Social media services

We’re looking for detailed reviews about your services so that we can better serve you and all of our customers. Your review doesn’t just help us stand out—it also helps us be accountable for our services and figure out how to improve them!

How To Leave A Google Review 

If you send me your google link, as I did here, I will leave a rating for you as well. This email took me about 10 minutes to write and put in a few of my past clients. Below are the instructions for you to do the same thing. 

  • Step 1: Open your google my business page on your computer. It’s easiest to do this step on a computer rather than a phone.
  • Step 2: Scroll down on the left til you see “get more reviews”.
  • Step 3: Click the button and it will give you a link. Copy the link. 
  • Step 4: Open your email and start a new email. 
  • Step 5: Copy my email and edit it so it sounds like you. 
  • Step 6: Make sure to put in your keywords and link. 
  • Step 7: Add people to the BCC line so they don’t all see each other. (you can add up to 50 per email) 
  • Step 8: Give reviews to others too! 

Leaving a Google review is a simple but effective way to let a business know how much you loved their services. It’s also a great place to offer constructive criticism, so don’t be shy! If there was something you didn’t like or something you’d like to see changed, we want to hear it.


We sincerely hope that our services are exactly what you were looking for! Remember to leave reviews whenever you can after doing business with a company. 

We’ll be looking for your review! (And ready to give you one in return!). If you have a question in the meantime, contact us here. 

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