How Can I Be More Productive In My Business? with Anna Cragin of My Clone Solution

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Business Productivity: Am I Being Efficient Enough?

When it comes to being productive and staying on task, there’re a lot of things that can get you off track. Whether it’s dealing with a needy team of freelancers and admins or getting overwhelmed by a major project, there’s always something that can get in the way. In this post, we’re going to show you how you can stay productive while dealing with teams and methods of breaking up big projects into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Let’s start by taking a big-picture view of your most current project. Think about the ultimate goal you’d like to achieve and the steps you’d need to take to get there. Breaking things up into steps gives you a roadmap to follow making the overall execution of the task a lot more likely. When things are broken up, you’re able to assign tasks to people on your team who are best suited for them.

Often times, business owners don’t get as much done due to paralysis by analysis. Spending too much time thinking about the project rather than doing the project is a common pitfall. A good way to overcome this and make sure the work actually gets done is by breaking the big project up into smaller pieces.

Tip 1

Break big projects into small steps. It’s much easier to hold members of your team accountable for getting certain things done. A common example business owners have to consider is branding. If you’re not a brand expert, redesigning the brand of your business could be overwhelming. The best approach is to consider all parts of your branding project as individual tasks and delegate them to the right person.

Your role is to be a visionary and project manager, not a full-on executor. Leave that to your professionals and focus on what you’re good at.

Tip 2

Delegate tasks to your team. This ensures that your team is able to communicate easily amongst itself. You shouldn’t have to be contacted each and every time the graphic designer needs to discuss something with the copywriter. Having to take part in all of your team’s internal communication will lower your productivity. Utilize tools like Slack to keep team communication quick and succinct.

Tip 3

Manage distractions. Distractions are a part of life and the sooner you learn to deal with them, the more productive you’ll be able to be in your business. Schedule time to answer emails, surf the web and take phone calls. When running a business there will always be someone or something requiring your attention. You cannot avoid these distractions. Learning how to plan for and embrace them will allow you to make the most of your time.

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