How can learning sales make me more money with Ben Brown of 360 Sales Consulting

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This Quick Mindset Hack will Improve Your Sales

In today’s segment, Ben Brown of 360 Sales Consulting joins me to talk about the small shift that makes a huge impact on your sales numbers.

“The vast majority of sales success is based on mindset,” says Ben Brown.  

Like anything else, the sales mindset is a skill you have to master. This takes time, practice, and understanding what the true concept behind sales is. Bad experiences on both ends of the sale lead a lot of people to have a negative connotation to sales in general. It’s more than selling something- it’s resonating with and creating a solution for your potential customer.  

As an entrepreneur, no one knows your product or services more than you do. Being aligned with the mindset it takes to close a sale will help you improve your sales and see more of your ideal customers walking through the door. 

Before you enter your next sales call, make sure you…

1. Know if this person is qualified to make a purchase. Whatever your product or service may be, will it actually help the person you’re trying to sell it to? Qualifying your customers before you push for the sale saves you and the customer time. After all, if you know someone can afford what you’re selling and it will ‘solve their problem’, why would they not make a purchase? More importantly, do you really want customers that would be unsatisfied with (or struggle to pay for) your product or service

2. Know you can truly solve their problem. In a world pressured by quotas and numbers, it’s easy to lose sight of the true purpose of sales: to solve a problem. Make sure your potential customers will truly benefit from what you’re selling. The result will be happy customers that consistently return. 

3. Know what the sales process looks like in your business. Simply put, it’s impossible to truly know the two points above if you don’t have a deep understanding of what sales are to your business. Understand the individual steps of the sales process and constantly look to optimize the process through your experiences. 



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