How Do I Get my Team to Stay Engaged? with Patrick Leask of Action Coach

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When it comes to team engagement, it’s usually easier said than done. Harmonizing a group of individuals, with competing interests, towards a common goal is a frustrating struggle for the majority of business owners.

If you’re struggling to get your whole team on the same cadence, you’re not alone. Trust us.

In an ever-globalizing world, the old adage, “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you ever have aspirations of scaling your organization past a fledgling agency, you’re going to need a team you can rely on.

Relying on others is scary, especially if you’re like most entrepreneurs when it comes to letting go of control.

Letting go of control isn’t natural or easy, but understanding how to do so is the first step to true team engagement. You have to decentralize ownership.

When you are able to let go, you are able to empower your team with the opportunity to make choices for the business. Lending this sort of trust to your team enables them a sense of ownership. That feeling incentivizing them to work a little harder and play their part a little better.

Upping team engagement starts by developing a winning team

Developing a winning team means understanding each member comes to the table with special talents and unique traits. Embracing the differences rather than trying to “improve” the individual, will channel a motivation in your team.

Defining and understanding the roles needed in your organization goes a long way in supporting and improving your team. If you notice your organization is lacking in a certain area, understanding the functions needed in your business will allow you to fill the gaps on your team with the person best suited for the role.

Creating a Winning Team Through Engagement

It’s hard to keep a team engagement up if the players don’t feel like they’re winning. Winning boosts morale and helps fuel constant output. Working on a team where roles are defined and members are held accountable for their production leads to more winning. It also helps start the establishment of a good foundational company culture.

Accountability Creates Engagement

Sometimes, it’s uncomfortable holding team members accountable for their contributions, but it’s necessary to keep the work environment genuine. It also helps weed out the people who do not truly want to be there. Avoiding this could decrease the morale of hard-working, contributing members. It could even steer the organization further and further away from its goals. Make accountability a part of your company culture.

As your team works towards the goals of the business, ownership or management needs to have a way to track results over time. Tracking results lets you know where you’re doing well and where you could stand to allocate some extra resources. Tracking results lets you develop working systems and training to invest and grow the talent you’ve acquired.

Trusting your team, holding them accountable and tracking their progress are the foundations of keeping your team engagement on point in a constantly changing environment.

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