How Do I Manage My Time To Get More Done? with Patrick Leask of Action Coach

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Time management. Let’s talk about it.

When it comes to getting more done, we’re going to approach this from a different angle. Experts tell you to get a calendar, write everything down, account for every day, hour and second. Those things are important, yes, but nothing is more important than focusing on just one thing.

It seems counterintuitive to get more done by focusing on one thing. One is less than many, but this math is far from simple. We have a comparative advantage over our peers when we are able to practice singularity of focus. While others are running around in circles, hopping from task to task, they miss the opportunity of going deep by going wide. Going deep on a task or goal generally bodes better and more tangible results than going wide. Whether you’re an established business owner or a budding entrepreneur, you’ll always have a mountain of tasks calling your name. The secret is to decipher what’s important to your immediate goals then dive wholeheartedly into it.

Developing Strategic Focus to Manage Time

Having a singularity of focus allows you to incrementally build on that one task, propelling you closer to that one goal. Attempting to do otherwise, typically through multi-tasking, will leave you short of tangible progress, opening you to a higher probability of unfinished projects.

Developing a strategic focus allows us to understand our long term goals. Having a well-defined strategy, focused on that one thing, gives us a stable target to consistently aim towards until we hit it. Once the target is hit, redevelop a new strategic focus, reset your goals and begin working towards your next stable target.

From experience, our most successful clients do this. They follow this process repeatedly and get more done than their peers each time. Make sure your small goals are always geared towards your big-picture goals so you’re never losing focus or wasting time doing things that just don’t matter

Set a common goal for your team and make sure your crew is working in the areas they are best at. Working outside of your strengths is a sure-fire way to make sure you get less done.

Do what you’re great at, then delegate the rest. That is the key to time management.

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