How Do I Pick a Lead Magnet for my Business and What’s My Final Goal

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The OPT-IN Lead Magnet Method

Before diving into the full post, we’d like to start with an acronym, OPT-IN. We want you to keep this is mind as we break down things to consider when creating your own lead magnet with the goal of getting the lead to opt-in to your funnel.

O – One Problem.

Your lead magnet should be designed to solve one problem and one problem only.  Your goal here is to provide value but not give away the secret sauce.

P – Proper Positioning.

Your lead magnet should allow you to position yourself as a celebrity in your space with your own unique selling proposition.

T – Time Friendly.

Your lead magnet should not be a 3 hour solution. That is not the purpose of a lead magnet. Your lead magnet is a quick introduction to your brand, establishing authority and solving a problem within 5 to 10 minutes.

I – Incomplete Piece.

Your lead magnet solves one problem and there’s a high chance your lead has multiple problems. Your lead magnet should lead them into your core product that solves their other problems.

N – Next Step.

After you’ve given your lead some value by solving a small problem, it’s time to follow up and show them how you can solve their bigger problems through a series of curated automation.

When a lead decides to opt-in, the fun is just beginning. We know that you have tons of awesome offers that will add tons of extra value. Now the goal is getting your hot lead to become aware of that value, consider it, then make a purchase.

Use OPT-IN to sell them the right thing at the right time

You don’t have to be an expert to design a lead funnel. You don’t have to be a graphic designer, web designer, or any other kind of designer you can think of. All you need is an end goal and something of value to offer.

Seriously, it’s really that easy.

When you think of your ideal client, what do you imagine?

Visualizing Your Product

Take a second to visualize them. Visualize the problems they have and the solutions they’ll need. Can you provide these solutions? If so, how are you going to do that? Which core product of yours are you going to offer this potential client to solve their major problem?

When you think of your core product, it’s purpose is to solve your ideal clients biggest problem but along the way, there are smaller, preliminary problems – this is where the design of your lead magnet comes into play.

Start with the end goal in mind and work backwards. Your end goal is to sell your clients on your core product so you’ll need to develop a natural roadmap that will start them with an introduction to your brand through a lead magnet (see examples) and steadily upsells them into other helpful products and services until they are ready to buy into your core product.

This sounds great and all but after reading that, you’re probably wondering how exactly do you do that – “steadily upsell into other helpful products/services.” Doing this is a hybrid combination of sales and marketing.

Combining Sales and Marketing

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You start with creating consumable content that addresses your target clients’ pain points. Initially, you pique their interest by offering something that solves a small problem. You continue to give them value, possibly in the form of content to help educate them on other related solutions to other problems they’re having. While this is happening, you’re establishing yourself to them as an authority figure in that industry. Continue to fill your funnel with an increasing value that appeals to the customer.  After you’ve added enough value and successfully sold them other products, and built the know, like, trust factor, you’re able to make your pitch for your core product. At this point, the lead should feel that they need your product and that purchasing it will add unique value to their lives.

So, now that you understand what a lead magnet is, why you need one in your business and how to design it with the opt-in method, it’s now time to deliver it. Your lead magnet and funnel are only valuable if they make it into the hands of your leads.

After the Lead Chooses to OPT-IN

Once the lead has opted in, you’re then able to continuously give them value through email campaigns or offers on your website. This series of emails are put on timers that are automatically sent to the newly acquired leads, guiding them to a new action, each time bringing them close to your core product offering.

The neat part about this process is that you’re able to track everything. You’re able to tell which emails are working, which aren’t and what your leads are best responding to. You are able to track who is doing what as they travel through your funnel such as how long they watched your video, did they click on the link to your site or are opening your email at all.

Understanding what has been successful through the early parts of your funnel with the use of data (from your email marketing system; we recommend Active Campaign) will help refine your roadmap and ultimately convert more leads into customers.

To sum things us, the ultimate goal with your lead magnet and sales funnel is to get your target leads into a system of contact and follow up, steering them to say yes to your core product offering.

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