How Long Should My Videos Be?

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We’re back again for another installment of Google My Business Problems. Once again we’re here with our good friend, and Video Strategy Expert, Sheryl Plouffe of Sheryl Plouffe Media. Today, we’re going to be diving into another set of FAQs for video marketing strategy.

Today’s Questions

“How long should my videos be?”

“What length of video performs the best?”

“What is the best length for video content?”

What Length of Video Performs Best?

This question doesn’t have one particular right or wrong answer. Generally, the length of the video should serve the needs of the content. Expert content creators and entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their business presence and reach through video and podcast should be more focused on the value of the content that they are producing.

Whether the content you are creating is video, audio, or written content, the intention of any piece of content should be to create value. In a previous installment of Google My Business Problems(link to article #1), we discussed the importance of looking at each piece of content as an asset that can be put to work growing your business while enabling you to carry out other functions of the business.

If you place your focus on maximizing the value of your content, then the length of the video is rather inconsequential. A piece of video content that offers value in it’s message is going to take as long as it takes to explain the information you wish to share with your target audience. The video should essentially be as long as the time it takes to fully explain the content.

If the intention of the content is to maximize value, then every moment counts. Don’t waste time on small talk and irrelevant information. Don’t add filler to your content. Keep it simple, and concise, but be thorough and explicit in regard to the message you are trying to get across.

Time is valuable, so it’s important to take your time on and not rush through it or limit the length – you may end up omitting important information.  

Focus on the value of the information contained within the article rather than the duration. In doing so, you can ensure that you are providing the most value through the content.

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