How Much Should SEO Cost?

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Welcome to another episode of Google My Business Problems. My name is Brook Borup with My Clone Solution. I have brought to you Allyzon from Cast Haste and we’re going to answer the question: How much should SEO cost? 

Let’s dive into a few factors that can help decide how much to spend on SEO.

How Much Should I Spend on SEO?

As a small business owner, there are a couple of different assets that you need to consider when someone is trying to sell you SEO.  Are they selling SEO or are they selling SEM? Are they working on your onsite content and keywords or are they listing you in directories and building backlinks? 

Making the Most of Your Budget

If they’re doing onsite work, you should start at a budget of $500 per month and work your way up as you see the performance and functionality of your website improve. With your $500 budget, start with core pages and move on to the rest of your site. Onsite optimization can get as pricey as $5,000 per month- but your needs will depend on how many pages you have on your website. If you’re a brand that’s going to create content every single week, you may need more support than a website that does not blog at all.  On the SEM level, Allyzon doesn’t suggest paying for it until you have a sizeable budget. This includes everything from Paid Google Ads to link building and PR.

The sad truth is that it’s an expensive game to compete in. If you’re not ready to pay to play with a sizeable budget, don’t.  Let’s recap: How much should you spend on SEO? If it’s on your website, start at $500 move up. If it’s off your website, don’t screw around with it until you have a big budget to play with. You know that you don’t just do SEO blind, you don’t do anyone forms of anything blind. You make sure that there’s an entire strategy behind it and that you’ve hired the person that can help you with that strategy, not just the one-off service.

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