How to Create a Content Publishing Plan

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We’re back once again with our friend Sheryl Plouffe of Sheryl Plouffe Media for another installment of Google My Business Problems. 

In the past few articles we’ve discussed how to make money from content using CTAs, looking at content as assets for growth, growing reach & authority through the content sprouting method, how to provide the most value and create more interactions by consistently creating informative content. Today we are going to take one step further; bringing all of that together into an overarching structure to create a publishing plan.

Today’s google FAQ for entrepreneurs is:

“What is a good video publishing plan for a coach or consultant?”

Let’s dive right in.

Creating a Consistent Publishing Schedule

The key to creating a publishing schedule really boils down to understanding the psychology of your target audience by answering a few basic questions. Who? What? When? Where? Why? And how? The big picture depends on the minute details. So let’s begin by breaking the puzzle down into its smaller pieces. 


First, it’s important to know the target demographic that you are trying to reach. Who can Benefit from the content you create, and who is most likely to benefit from your product, service, or solution. 


Next, you have to determine what sort of content will be most effective for reaching that particular audience. Examine your past content and take a look at the analytics to determine what sorts of content perform the best and creates the most reach in terms of interaction in terms of sales, generating contacts for potential sales, etc.


Moving one step further, it’s essential to determine when your target audience is online. This can be achieved by test posting content at different times while building your strategy. A good approach to this is to work within 3, 6, 9, and 12 month timeframes and examine the analytics to determine the answer to this question. This will give you a better idea of the best and most effective times at which to post your content


Taking it one step further, you should determine which platform is the best for reaching your target market. You have to go where they are in order to capture their attention. By determining the platforms that perform the best in your niche, you can devote more time to developing content that is best suited for your business needs. This too can be accomplished by examining analytics over a span of time.


Once you’ve determined the answers to the previous questions, you can begin to approach the “why?” Why do they need your product? You must create an authority as an expert in your particular niche, and in a sense, convince your audience as to why your product, service, or solution can benefit them in their particular circumstance.


This is where it all comes full circle. The “how” takes into consideration everything that we’ve been discussing up to this point. By creating consistent, valuable content, using the sprouting method to repurpose content to other mediums, incorporating CTA’s, and poring over analytics data, you can determine the most effective publishing plan for your content.

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