How To Ethically Clone Yourself with Brook Borup

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From the Marketing Talk Podcast: In this episode, I open the show by talking about the rewards of being disciplined and patient. Then I have a great conversation with Brook Borup from My Clone Solution and she shares some information that will change you forever! I know you are curious about this episode so check it out. Enjoy!


Key Takeaways from this Podcast

Format key: Bold is the question. The plain text is Brook’s response.

General Questions

  • What’s your story? Brook fired corporate America and dedicated to her time to small business owners. As a person who had come from a family of eleven small business owners, she knew that she wanted to support business owners. She started her business two weeks later.
  • How did you come up with your name? A lot of business owners have told Brook ‘I wish there were two of me!’ and that inspired the name. She is that ‘second you’ that business owners need.
  • What is the greatest need you see for startups? Systems. But they don’t know that yet. Most startups are looking for automation. We show them how to do that. At the same time, we teach them delegation. We try to help our clients understand how to optimize their operations.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Why is automation so important? Because everything is online! And if our clients aren’t, then we’re ready to revolutionize their world.
  • What is the best time for someone to get involved with a coach? Find a mentor, first. For most of my clients, they’re not ready for the accountability that coaching takes. Once you have more time under your belt and your business is going okay, then consider a sales coach. The majority of the world doesn’t know how to sell. So the best thing business owners can do is learning that first. Then, finally, you can reach out to a niche coach. By the time you’re working with a niche coach, you should have a stable business and sales skills.
  • What are your three best tips for marketing automation? First, find the software system you’re going to live on. We recommend ActiveCampaign. Second, build an automated email marketing sales funnel.  Lastly, make email templates. Anything you can do to automate the standard emails you’re constantly standing out.
  • What’s next for you? We’ve got a ton going on… We’re launching two online summits, four online courses, a ton of workflows and workbooks. Long story short, we’re looking to automate our coaching the coaches process.

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