How to Pick the Perfect TripWire

"Find the unicorn between making your content easily consumable while packing it with tons of value" in white text and a bicycle with unicorn decoration

How to Pick a Tripwire

When it comes to picking a tripwire should be, the best advice is not to overthink it. As you’ve seen from the list of examples above, there are many routes you can take when putting together your offer. It all depends on what you want your lead to do.

The easiest way to make your own tripwire is to look at your current core offer. Think of ways you can splinter off a piece of that core offer and break your main offering into smaller pieces that still provide value. You’re going to consistently hear us talk about value. Value, value, value. Get used to it. It’s the only thing that differentiates your brand from the competitors.

Your Trip Wire should entice your newly acquired customer to want to learn more about your offerings with a willingness to pay for it. It should guide them into the next natural step up, inching them closer to your core product offering. Take for instance an assessment.

Does your business offer that to their clients? If so, offer a mini one.

Does your company offer a course or some form of education? Offer a shorter version of it for a low price!

Have you gotten results for clients that you wish to replicate with future ones? Provide a case study validating your work.

The point is you have numerous ways to pick a tripwire that matters to your leads.

But How Do I Design It?

When it comes to creating your tripwire you should start with the goal in mind and work backward. Ask yourself, what are you hoping to achieve? What is the action you would like your target leads to take? Visualize that action then develop a natural roadmap for where you want them to go. Step by step.

With the vision of your end goal and the path, you’re using to lead them there, create easily consumable content that will lead them there. Find the unicorn between making your content easily consumable while packing it with tons of value. Once you’ve figured out what content you plan to use and the path you plan to guide your potential lead on, make the presentation pretty.

The difference between a product being sold and an identical product not being sold often comes down to packaging and marketing. Make your presentation pretty so people like looking at it. We know that sounds overly simplistic, but we can’t break it down any simpler. Make sure the design of your offer is appealing to your core audience.

Pack in the value like crazy. Don’t be afraid of offering too much value. If you need help, contact us today.

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