How to Stand Out in a Crowd

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Have you ever wondered how to stand out in a crowd? Today we’re joined once more by Steve Sapato, the most famous unfamous speaker in America. His wealth of experience in speaking has taught him a thing or two about standing out in the crowd, but before we get to that… He wants you to know:

Before you can stand out, you need to learn to listen. To everybody. The easiest way to become important in the eyes of who you’re speaking to is to genuinely listen. Nine times out of ten when you take the time to listen to who is talking, they’re going to tell others that you’re the most interesting person they’ve met. In other words, ‘standing out’ is dependent on how other people perceive you.  

3 Golden Rules on Standing Out in a Crowd

  1. Have a niche. As Jenna Zaffino from our last series said, ‘If you’re marketing to anyone, you’re marketing to no one’. Steve’s advice echoes that. In order to stand out, you have to have a community you’re apart of. For many, that’s finding their niche. 
  2. Have a methodology. Methods make millions! When you’re working to make a splash in your niche, make sure you have systems in place that help your potential clients, customers, and connections interact with you. 
  3. Care about people more than you care about yourself. A little genuine care goes a long way. Find out what their issues are, what is holding them back, and more importantly: How you can help them find a solution.

Bottom line? Have something truly unique about your approach to business, networking, and life. Spend more time caring about who you’re talking to and you’ll quickly find yourself standing out in whatever niche you’re trying to become a leader in. 

In order to identify your niche, methodology, and care-strategy, make sure you learn how to listen before you speak. Being the person who can offer a new idea in times of struggle or stagnancy is more valuable than anything else when it comes to standing out in a crowd. 

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