If you are overwhelmed with the workload or need projects completed and don’t have the right resources…

Hire a Clone!


As a Business Professional you may be wondering about what can be done to help you with your job or maybe you have been tasked with getting a project done that you are not quite sure is in your wheelhouse. Come out looking like a star when you get help completing a project that was never supposed to be your job.

We’ve been there…

The boss says “create a flyer to take out on sales calls for the holiday promotion.”… We can create this flyer for a fraction of the cost of an advertising company with the same quality and design.

Your director says “we need to plan a client party to keep our clients from choosing the competition” … We can help you source locations, get the best deals possible, book the entertainment, plan the menus, design your invitations and stay within a modest budget.

Your sales manager says “we need to increase our follow up so no one falls between the cracks.” We can help with the automation needed to have drip marketing campaigns for each person you meet, automated task reminders and even schedule hacks that save you valuable time and energy.

Your spouse says “why are you working so late every day.” We can help with this too. Sometimes companies just need a little extra help and we are the project managers that you can hire once or twice a month. What can we help you get done today.

Let’s Work Together and Get Your Projects DONE!


Does your company need a little help from time to time and it’s a pain looking for the right person for each and every job?

What Does My Clone Solution Do to Help Small Business Owners?

Case Studies & Service Option Sampling

Project Management...

Have you ever wished that someone would come in to your business and say "what do you need to get done today?" This is where a talented project manager would take that list and make it happen by whatever means necessary. The MCS Project Managers will start with your biggest pain point and prioritize based on need, budget and time to check off each item on that list.

Staff Management...

Do you have staff working for you that is task oriented and constantly asking you for things to do or worse yet not doing anything productive if you have not dictated the day's tasks? We can help you discover and implement a system where their task list is always full so there is never an excuse for misused time. Once this is accomplished you will quickly discover where your staffing dollars making sense.

Hiring Management...

Is your business aching to grow and you just don't know where to start looking for the next person to join your team? This service is available for those owners that want help creating a job description, building a training program, recruiting candidates, interviewing potential candidates and giving you the best options to choose from with the intent to hire full time or part time. We can even help you in the beginning days of training so your days are not consumed with training.

CEO Management...

Are you the type of CEO that has amazing ideas? These ideas pop into your head and you find the nearest napkin, whiteboard, or sticky pad to jot a note. By the end of the day you are overrun with notes, overwhelmed by the idea of making anything happen or worried that the great ideas will go to waste and never get accomplished. This service is for those CEO's that need to have an accountability partner that helps turn all those notes into a task list that can then be delegated to whomever to get it done. We are here to make sense of it all so the dreams can be realized. This is the end of "Creative Overwhelm"

Brand Development...

Do you believe that a business, even a small business, should have a consistent brand look and feel?  You know what I am talking about here. We have all met those people that have business cards that are printed at home, brochures that are from the kid behind the counter at the local office store, a website that is a template, verbiage that sounds like a 10 year old wrote it and the pricing is different on every piece. It's time to get it together and develop a consistent brand message! Colors, copy, pricing, logo, images and audience all make up your brand. Think bullseye and swoosh... those are recognition. You can have that too... It just takes a plan.

Process Development...

When you do tasks for your business do you have a procedure that you follow... in your head? If something were to happen to you today, could someone step in and run your company tomorrow? Are you interested in delegating, but not sure where to start? Do you spend hours doing jobs that someone else could do if you had time to teach them?  We can show you a proven way to get your processes out of your head and into a system that eliminates your training time with new staff members, creates a consistency for your business, succeeds you and makes your business more valuable if you choose to sell. Interested?

Administrative Tools Implementation

We all have the tools of our trade. The administrative tools that we need to be great business people are growing in number every day. As a business owner you have to decide which tools you need to be successful in your business. So let's take a stroll through a few areas to consider. Accounting System... Client Project Management... Sales Management... Email Management... Schedule Management... Event Management... Website Management... Social Media Management... Task Management... Oh the list is endless. Why are these important to you. ONE WORD... TIME!!! Let's talk about your tools and needs.

Learn About Our Suggested Tools & Applications Here

Social Media Management

The necessary evil for some and the best ever lead source for others. Social Media is a storefront that every business needs to be on, in some way shape or form. Business are spending thousands of dollars to be educated on how to make this new form of cold calling work so they can stop cold calling. There is an answer... Develop a plan for how you want to use social media and hire someone to execute the plan. Re-evaluate the plan monthly or quarterly and make decisions based on the results. Stop throwing money to educate yourself in something that changes daily and do what you do best. CLOSE THE LEADS that come from this ever changing beast.

Database Management

Do you have a list? The money is in the list "they" say. Where is your list? Are you engaging with your list? Is it growing? Is it bringing you money? Do you even know who is on your list? When was the last time you even looked at it? This is another piece that is a major lifeline of your business, and it's the first thing to get overlooked when you're "too busy." This list is current clients that you want to communicate with regularly, past clients that you want to re engage for future services, potential clients that may have contacted you but never closed, networking contacts and the pile of business cards that are in a shoebox under your desk. If you want your list to work for you then it's time to talk.

This Is Just A Sample. The team at My Clone Solution is here to be your real administrative support while our team of partners accomplish all your tasks so your business goals are met and you do not have to live in a constant state of overwhelm. Enjoy life as a business owner. Embrace your STRENGTHS and Delegate your WEAKNESSES.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Regional Trainer Florida at Outback Steakhouse

“Brook is very efficient and accommodating to the needs of the client. She puts you at ease, makes you comfortable and confident in your meeting planning decisions and advises you on what is best that is balanced with your budget. She is a huge asset to anyone who has an important meeting to plan, and is very savvy in regards to the needs of your event, regardless of the occasion.”


Visit Tampa Bay

“Brook is a pleasure to work with and is very creative. Brook is very good about working with deadlines and keeping the lines of communications flowing. She has great dedication and loyalty to her clients and projects.”




Sales/Marketing at Comfort Inn & Suites

“Brook is a customer driven professional……her attention to detail is incredible. She knowledge of technology, printing and publishing is also amazing. Anyone who works with Brook in any capacity will receive superior service and will know that she gives her best at all times and in all places. People like Brook are rare to find! I highly recommend Brook to anyone who may want to do business with her!!”

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