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My guest today on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is Brook Borup. A lady who is on a mission to help the world’s entrepreneurs own their own successful business. The goal is being able to run the business without the business owner pulling all the strings.

Along with her team, she pushes her clients towards business freedom, time abundance and the ability to ultimately sell a business at a profit.

Sound good? You betcha.

Brook developed herself to a position where she is rightly called the “Swiss Army Knife” for Business. This is due to her knowledge of tools, automation, and the needs of small business owners. Her ability to create the perfect solution to any challenge in the most cost-effective way is ideal for the small business owner struggling with the business behind the business.

Brook’s Background

Well, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations with an emphasis in Marketing and Event Planning from Grand Valley State University in 3 years. She struggled with the waste she experienced at the corporate level in large companies. That lead her to take the first steps towards teaching SMBs how to avoid those issues.

The fact is most small business owners only understand what they know. Unfortunately, 80% of running a successful small business is NOT their trade knowledge. That has created a never-ending conveyor belt of small business owners lining up to work with her.

Show Highlights

So, what is the hardest part of growing a service-based company like her own? Does she look back at her history and think, “Man if only I knew what I know now then we would have been rocking in record time!”

Well, let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Brook Borup.

During the show we discussed weighty topics with Brook such as:

  • Why she is so focused on building a team around her that will free her even more from her business.
    • Tackle the things that fall within her own personal super talent.
  • Why Brook believes that it is so important to spend as much money as you can possibly on hiring a VA.
    • If you go cheap, you get cheap results.
  • Why a great way to start a business is to simply look around at the people you already know, and ask them “How can I help you?”

and lastly….

  • Brookreveals her worst client ever. You will be surprised to know exactly who she said….. I was for sure 🙂


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