CEO Wins ‘Best LinkedIn Marketer Award’ from Top Talent Magazine

picture Top Talent: LinkedIn Marketer 2020 trophy awarded to Brook Borup

We are proud to announce that Brook Borup, CEO of My Clone Solution has been awarded the Best LinkedIn Marketer Award 2020 from Top Talent Magazine.

Top Talent Magazine, owned by Isabel Donadio, focusses on ‘Spotlighting Genius of Every Kind,’ from the digital marketing world and beyond. Their careful eyes select only the best. We’re proud to announce our CEO’s LinkedIn Marketing Award from the publication. 

David T Fagan, former CEO of Guerilla Marketing and best-selling author 5 times over, says: “Linkedin is hotter than ever, and like any fast-growing business best practice that isn’t regulated you have more fakers then makers.  We’ve spent years talking to, interviewing, and tracking social media experts and it’s clear that there is no one better to award then Brook Borup as the 2020 Linkedin Expert by Top Talent Magazine.  We congratulate Brook on her and her team’s success that focuses on custom messaging and attention-getting results. Thank you Brook for bringing professionalism, credibility, and predictability to an unpredictable industry!”

What Makes My Clone Solution’s Process on Account-Based LinkedIn Marketing Different from the Rest?

Not all LinkedIn Marketing tactics are created equal. Likewise, you won’t get the same experience from a LinkedIn marketer twice. There is an art to enticing new prospects and employees alike through compelling copywriting. Brook has refined this art and turned it into a science. Here’s how: 

The My Clone Approach to LinkedIn Marketing

  • Profile Optimization: Through interviews and conversion copy tactics, Brook helps her clients write and optimize profile copy that attracts their target audience. She attains results by doing the leg-work it takes to identify the right customer. Including their job titles, pain points, and qualifications of your ideal customers. Once the ideal customer is identified, Brook’s copywriting team begins to write profile copy that speaks to that ideal customer.
  • Prospecting: A good profile will go a long way. It’s the customized InMail that leads prospects to that profile to learn more. More so, it’s good InMail that entices prospects to schedule a call. Brook and her team at My Clone Solution work hand-in-hand with their clients to create scripts for InMail that preserve personal integrity while attracting clients.
  • Intelligence: Brook’s team utilizes top-end technology to monitor the success of LinkedIn Marketing campaigns. This allows her team to continuously improve and monitor the success of the campaign.
  • Taking it Offline: A true end-to-end process: Brook and the MCS team also make sure that their clients are able to support their growth once a prospect has scheduled a call. Starting by setting up the sales funnel to making sure every contact makes it into the CRM. Brook and her team ensure that clients leveraging LinkedIn for marketing have the tools to support success after the prospect schedules an introductory call. 

This award reflects Brook’s commitment to success on the LinkedIn platform. Are you ready to level-up your LinkedIn marketing strategy? Schedule a 22-Minute call here to chat directly with Brook. It’s time to learn what LinkedIn can do for your business. 

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