Hands-On “Get Stuff Done” Cruise

Choose Your Project & Get It Done With The Help Of the My Clone Team During 7 Days at Sea!

What do you want to accomplish this year?

What if it could happen while on a cruise?

Each and every day, you are pulled in 10 different directions.

Do you feel like you don’t have the time to work on growing your business because you are too busy working in the business?

Do you feel like if you just sat down and did it with no distractions, you could accomplish the task?

What if you could sit down with a plan and an entire team at your disposal to get it all accomplished in just a few short days?

That is what the GSD cruise is all about… Are you ready to Get Stuff Done?

The Details


The Dates

Weekly Accountability – Fridays at 3pm

Pre-Coaching – Aug 1st to Oct 7th

Cruise – October 12-19

Post Cruise – October 19-20


The Itinerary

Carnival Conquest – 7 Days
Port of Miami

Ports of Call

  • San Juan, St. Thomas
  • Dominican Republic
  • Turks & Caicos

What Do You Want To Get Done

You get to choose one of the below or build a custom plan with Brook

365 Days of Social Media

Imagine all your social media done for all of 2020 and beyond. We emphasize evergreen content. Our normal price is $800 a month for this 12-month package. Get it all done in 5 days during the GSD cruise.

Course Builder

Is an online course on your to-do list this year? Imagine outlining, scripting and recording your course during your GSD cruise. Our video editors and equipment are all on hand. 

Down The Funnel

So you need a funnel? Most of the time this means several steps, copy-writing, videos, and more. The normal investment in creating 1 funnel could run you upwards of $3k. How about rocking out your entire sales process in 5 days? This is usually, 3-5 completed funnels.

Show Up Online

Need a new website? Need to add content that helps you get found? Want to work on driving traffic to your site? Depending on where you are now, the value of this package could range from $5k to $10k. GSD here we come! 

Automate Your Biz

Get onto a boat and step off the boat ready to crush your competition in customer service and profit margins. Create a productive plan for your staff going into the next year. 2020 will be your best year yet! 

Choose Wisely

Pick your project wisely and get ready to GSD. We’ll discuss your company and your goals during our pre-cruise sessions.

What’s Included 

Are you ready to “Get Stuff Done”

What To Expect

  • 5 hours of implementation coaching prior to cruise day
  • Full plan and task list for both you and the staff prior to cruise day
  • Cruise Day 1: Lunch & Group Mastermind
  • Cruise Day 2: Work Day
  • Cruise Day 3: Group Excursion
  • Cruise Day 4: Work Day
  • Cruise Day 5: Work Day
  • Cruise Day 6: Work Day
  • Cruise Day 7: Work Day

Team Skills On-board

Your My Clone team consists of automation specialists, web designers, copywriters and graphic designers who will help your business with strategy, planning, and social media. We will have a photographer, videographer, video editor and specialists all on board ready to help your business get things done. 

Work Hard, Play Hard

We won’t be working the whole time. This is a cruise ship, remember? Come enjoy amazing food, time on the beach, pool days, stage shows, laughing, dancing and much, much more. For those of you that need mental breaks, a bit of meditation, exercise, or maybe even a trip to the spa, you have options. Just remember you want to GET STUFF DONE!

What About The Money: The Workshop

Your Coaching & Staff Workshop Investment Starts at $4500. This includes all the implementation, free coaching, all the staff time to get your project completed, all the fun and memories that we will have on the GSD Cruise! Payments plans available. 

What About The Money: The Cruise

We are working to finalize the cruise details. The current price of the cruise starts at about $900 per person. We are working to get a group discount with internet and some other perks included. Stay tuned as we work on the best deal for you. All payments are due by August 1st.

What They’re Saying

We don’t like to brag…

Frequently Asked Questions

About the program, our service, and commitment to you

How Is All This Value Priced So Low?

This is all group time. Our team gets paid by the group not by one individual. If you need more specific help or your questions are more sensitive in nature you get discounted 1-on-1 coaching as a GSD member. Our commitment is to you and your business!

Why Is This So Expensive?

Every day we put money towards building our businesses. This program is designed to help you do as much yourself as possible with your knowledge and skillset. The DIY business owners just need direction in order to make big things happen. Others that are not so handy need to outsource. If this program is expensive for you then you may just not be ready to go the miles that are needed to grow and scale. It’s okay. We will wait. 

What If I Need To Take A Break From My Membership?

If you need to pause your membership for financial reasons you can. We offer the opportunity for a 60-day pause. After 60 days you will be given the option to become active again or become inactive. If you choose to become active in the future you will be subject to any current membership prices and benefits at the time of rejoining.

Can I Make Money With This Membership?

Absolutely, once you become a member you are eligible for affiliate status. For each member you bring into the membership or that purchase workshops, webinars, retreats, or any My Clone Services you make a percentage of the purchase price. We payout monthly on all services rendered once guarantee periods and cancellation periods have passed.

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