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What the heck is this anyway?


save time

Imagine saving 10 hours from your week while somebody else prospects for you

save effort

Imagine getting to spend time growing your business while we find qualified leads

get results

Imagine building relatioships and closing sales without losing any productivity

What We Do


lead generation plan

While you’re sipping wine or taking a bubble bath, we’ll be hard at work developing your LinkedIn Lead Gen strategy


niche targeting

We spy on all your new potential prospects, then turn them into your friends.

We don’t stop there though. Once you’re connected, we’ll initiate conversation and warm up the lead your friend.

profile validation & sales

We  build up your credibility by getting your clients, coworkers, and friends to say nauseatingly awesome  things about you

We help jumpstart your sales by utilizing the contacts you already have

What you get



Your weekly subscription gets you 100 requested connections based on your provided target search criteria.


We provide you training on audience targeting, script writing and examples based on real profiles.


We will follow up with all your new connections each day with a greeting message along with a follow up thank you.


Enjoy discounted pricing on copywriting services for your profile upgrades and scripts with My Clone Copy.


We’ll send 100 personal messages per week to your current connections based on the search criteria and script you provide.


Most buisness owners spend life of the defense, taking what comes to them. Now, you have tools to be proactive in your growth.

your job:
just respond when your leads have questions

Lead Gen Clients

Your Business GROWTH plan

“Brook and her team are amazing! They helped build my course, change my website to better represent my brand and now they are helping me grow my network. With their help I am able to focus on closing warm leads instead of building the list. It’s a lot easier to focus on the art of the sale when I’m not concerned where the next lead is coming from” Ben Brown - Sales Consultant

“The team at My Clone Solution has been amazing to work with. They help me build my personal network, my LinkedIn group members and help with continuous interaction with my LinkedIn contacts both online and off. Now I’m the noe getting requested. It’s amazing what can happen when you ask for help.” Jenny Clark - Federal Contracting Compliance Consultant

How Does This all Work?


account set-up

To start, just click one of the buttons to get your LinkedIn Lead Generator set up with My Clone Solution. We’ll send you an email with all the links you need to get started.

overview call

A project manager will call you to go over your scripts, audience and other detials before we get started. This is so we can help you fine-toon your details for a maximized response.


Once all the pieces are in place you’ll be put onto a consistent schedule each week where you’ll get to reply to all the inquiries we’ve gathered for you through out the week.
How am I charged for this service?
There is a set up fee as part of your initial payment and once you complete the on-boarding process then you will put your credit card on file for $50 a week. You’ll choose either weekly or monthly payment terms and your credit card will stay on file.
What if I need to cancel or put my account on hold?
You can cancel at any time. Payments are non refundable and we will finish the work for that time period. Accounts can be put on hold when requested in writing. Your card will stay on file until you come off hold or cancel.
What if I wanted to have more sends and requests done per week?
Our current limitations on the free version of LinkedIn are maxed out at 50 per week plan due to LinkedIn restrictions. If you want more than the standard 50 connections, then Sales Navigator (the paid version of LinkedIn) will have to be purchased on a monthly basis. Once purchased, we’re then able to stack your account to a maximum of 4 times per week for 200 connections.
Can I change my target audience and scripts?
Yes! Anytime you’re active, your audience or scripts can change. However, if we are writing scripts for you, those will be an additional charge at our regular copywriting rate of 75 per hour.
How many scripts and audiences can I have?
The basic set-up includes up to 3 target audiences with one script for inviting and or one script for current connections recommended that the thank you script for new connections be generically specific because we cannot distinguish between target audiences in that process.

When Is Now the right time?

brook! I can’t just buy this off a website.
I need to talk to someone first


You are going to have to learn to trust some things on the internet if you are going to be a digital marketer yourself, but for now it’s ok that you don’t.

We are happy to setup a time to talk to Brook or a member of the team to answer any questions.

Please use the button below to request a call from the My Clone Solution Team. We will happily answer any of your questions and get you ready to become an entrepreneur with a diversified business that can run itself!

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