Struggling To Get Stuff Done?

  • I just don’t have the time…
  • I don’t know how to do it…
  • I don’t know where to start…

Sound familiar? 

The good news is: you’re not alone. The reality is: You need to do something about it. 

Are you ready to GSD?

What are your challenges and how do you solve them?


Join a mastermind that helps you get stuff done.

How much could you achieve with a support network that understands your unique challenges?

It’s common for small business owners and entrepreneurs to struggle with bandwidth, process, and growth. But how do you overcome those challenges? The GSD membership program is a structured support network that connects you with the resources you need to grow your business

GSD is a dynamic membership that contains a slew of hands-on networking, benefits, pieces of training, and administrative support.  Having a team by your side to listen, understand, and give you solutions to your business challenges so you can make informed decisions.

Members of GSD understand money doesn’t grow on trees, which is exactly why this membership is designed to help business owners build the right process the first time.

A Dynamic Membership for Businesses that want to Dominate in their Niche

Are you ready to “Get Stuff Done”?

Monthly ASK ANYTHING Calls

GSD includes 4 ASK ANYTHING calls per month. Membership includes 1 call registrant per month.

“I want to do this.. where do I start?”
“I was told to do x… is it right for my biz?”
“I am struggling with x… Is there an easier way?”
“How do I find, hire, train… a person that will stay?”

Access To The Library Of Business Resources

Our library gives you access to some of the most important and useful tools and references on the internet. (Value $2500)

Suggest Topics For Monthly Discussion or Courses

Hop into any of our small group support sessions where the expert team makes themselves available to help you! Submit your questions beforehand and you’ll be able to leave with answers. You can even share your screen with us for any complicated questions! (Value $300)

Calls, Meetings, and Strategy Sessions

Each GSD membership level includes different levels of personal support. We want to help you grow as a business owner achieving the success you desire. 

Looking For Accountability?

Accountability is the backbone of GSD. Our group provides a weekly touchpoint for your accountability. We are the personal trainer that you want to show up for. 

Free Courses

Your GSD membership includes our level 1 and level 2 courses for as long as you are a member. These online courses are self-guided and include all the details to conceive and complete a successful project. 

Affiliate Program

Once you have fallen for this program it is only natural to talk about it and tell others how it has helped you. Our program pays you for referrals. You make 10% for the first year of any GSD member or My Clone service packages. 

2 Week Trial On All Membeships

Feeling like you belong in a group, making sure you will get value out of the resources, and understanding what is possible are all things you want to try out before you commit to something new. That is why we give you a full 2 weeks to try out GSD before your first payment. 

10% Off All Done For You Services

If you find yourself in a project that needs a bit more help or you are ready to move away from DIY we are here and as a GSD member, you get 10% off all My Clone services.

Training Discounts

We hold several GSD workshops and webinars monthly. As a member, you get 50% off GSD webinars and workshops. We host events that cover marketing, social media, bookkeeping, copywriting, and more. You get to decide if you are going to DIY or hire someone to do it for you. Either way, you will be informed!

GSD Project Retreats & Cruises

Imagine getting a HUGE project done in 5-10 days. What would it feel like get out of your space and walk into a room with your team of implementers and walk out with the project done?

  • 5 Days to get all your social media done for a year
  • 5 Days and you have a brand new website or online course
  • 5 Days and you are ready to launch that new program or product.

This is just a sample list of the most requested. We bring the entire team together and GSD as a group.

As a GSD Member, you get 10% off your tuition and have the ability to earn an additional 5% for any other companies you refer to the program.

How’s them apples?

What They’re Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

About the program, our service, and commitment to you

How Is All This Value Priced So Low?

This is all group time. Our team gets paid by the group not by one individual. If you need more specific help or your questions are more sensitive in nature you get discounted 1-on-1 coaching as a GSD member. Our commitment is to you and your business!

Why Is This So Expensive?

Every day we put money towards building our businesses. This program is designed to help you do as much yourself as possible with your knowledge and skillset. The DIY business owners just need direction in order to make big things happen. Others that are not so handy need to outsource. If this program is expensive for you then you may just not be ready to go the miles that are needed to grow and scale. It’s okay. We will wait. 

What If I Need To Take A Break From My Membership?

If you need to pause your membership for financial reasons you can. We offer the opportunity for a 60-day pause. After 60 days you will be given the option to become active again or become inactive. If you choose to become active in the future you will be subject to any current membership prices and benefits at the time of rejoining.

Can I Make Money With This Membership?

Absolutely, once you become a member you are eligible for affiliate status. For each member you bring into the membership or that purchase workshops, webinars, retreats, or any My Clone Services you make a percentage of the purchase price. We payout monthly on all services rendered once guarantee periods and cancellation periods have passed.