LinkedIn Lead Generation | A GSD Workshop

You have a LinkedIn account, but is it really working for you and your business? 

Join us for an in-person workshop, online workshop, or in our at your own pace with a video course. 

Your potential clients are screaming their titles, likes, dislikes, and more on social media. LISTEN!

LinkedIn is the hub for business connections, but did you know the site’s content has over 9 BILLION impressions each week? That’s millions of people reading content on LinkedIn daily.

What if you could turn those readers in to leads for your business?


With the GSD Workshop, you get…


Profile Optimization

Edit your LinkedIn profile so that it stands out in your industry. We’ll help you optimize your LinkedIn profile to entice your target market.


Lead Targeting

Reach the clients you actually want to work with – and who truly need your services. My Clone solution will help you refine your customer avatar and make valuable connection. 


InMail Engagement

Not only will you’re messaging get clearer, but you’ll start getting responses! Learn how to start the conversation with LinkedIn connections and lead into the sale.

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What’s Included 

Are you ready to “Get Stuff Done”

Step 1: Watch The Workshop

Learn what techniques work and how you can utilize LinkedIn to take your business to the next level.

Step 2: Modify The Templates

We give you the templates to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Add your personal touch to reflect your business.

Step 3: Build Leads

Turn your polished LinkedIn presence into leads for your business. You’ve made it this far, let us do the rest!

Module 1: Edit Your Profile

Re-imagine your profile picture, headline, summary, testimonials, and more. Highlight how you solve your clients’ problems so they come away wanting to know more.

Module 2: Targeting

Knowing your ideal client is required if you are trying to get leads. Knowing how to talk and engage this target is how to get leads on LinkedIn.

Module 3: Messaging For Engagement

Learn how to reach out to those connections you haven’t actually talked to. Share how you can help them solve a problem without sounding salesy.

Module 4: Messaging For Invitations

Raise attendance by learning how to make your event sound as awesome as it is. Re-engage connections and let them know what new services you are working on.

Module 5: Messaging With Email Opt-In

Now that you’ve started the conversation, get your connections into an email opt-in and sales funnel. Solve a small problem so they pay you to solve the bigger ones.

What They’re Saying

We don’t like to brag…

Brook Borup

Process Designer, Speaker, Coach, CEO and Implementation Specialist at My Clone Solution

When it comes to automation and delegation for small business, no one does it better than Brook Borup. Driven by the desire to see small business owners spend more time away from their business doing what they love, Brook has developed systems and methodologies helping countless business owners around the world do more of what they love. Whether it’s growing your business by passively attracting leads or creating automation sequences to spend less time on marketing, Brook has a back-end tool to get your business moving in the right direction.

Brook has been invited to make a number of guest appearances. Some of which include Business Radio X, Rebelpreneur Radio, “The Business Creators Radio Show with Adam Homey, The Sales Evangelist Podcast with Donald Kelly, Advance Your ArtBizHumm and even a celebrity judge for season 2 of The Keynote.

Frequently Asked Questions

About LinkedIn, Our Service, and Our Education

Why should I use LinkedIn for my business?

LinkedIn has over 500 million members, 40 million of those are in decision-making positions. Those are a lot of potential connections. So much so that 4 out of 5 B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

Are My Clients On LinkedIn?

If your target market has a job title, an employment level, works in a particular industry or has the pain you solve we can likely find them on LinkedIn. Let’s just do a quick search!

What Happens If I Don't Like What I Write?

If you attend the workshop and you are just not feeling the copy vibe you can always hire us to do it for you. We give credit for trying, just ask!

How Long Does This Process Take?

That depends on you. If you have a basic understanding of LinkedIn and can dedicate the time to the workshop, you could complete the course in a few days. If you need more guidance then it can take a bit longer. Just know that your work and time will pay off 100 fold in the end. We want you to be successful in everything we help you do. Your business and ours depends on that.

What If I'm Not Tech Savvy?

You do not have to be. Brook’s training videos walk you through everything you need to improve your LinkedIn presence and build connections. Plus you can add your personal touch to the provided templates.

If you still find yourself stuck the My Clone Team can do all the heavy lifting and generate leads for you!

If I Need Extra Help How Do I Get It?

If you need help above and beyond the included workshop and templates, you can purchase additional time with a Project Manager to get you where you need to be. No worries, it gets easier and the principles can be applied to so many other parts of your business.

Can I Just Hire You To Do This For Me?

Absolutely, our standard LinkedIn onboarding process takes about 10 days. It starts with a conversation about your business and then the copywriters go to work creating you the copy that we work on in this workshop. This onboarding is $500 if you are looking to do it one on one. $47 if you do it in a GSD workshop.

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